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How Much Does A Care Bed Cost?

Hospital style care beds can give you comfort and support whenever you need it — they can also enable care at home but what are the prices that you can expect to pay for a care bed?

Lots of things can affect the price of a care bed, so let’s take a look at the different types and how they vary in cost. Please note that the below prices are estimates.

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Standard Care Bed Cost

A standard care bed will have electrically adjustable positioning options for your head and feet as well as being height adjustable wall through an easy-to-use remote control.

Electric height adjustable beds are a safe and convenient way to care for patients and residents in hospitals and nursing/long-term care facilities.

Typically, electrically adjustable beds will also have a headboard, footboard, and siderails to further support low mobility users.

A basic electrically adjustable bed can start from about £600-£800. You’d then need to add on about another £250+ for the mattress.

We’d recommend this type of care bed if you’re not too bothered about looks but just need something with the right functions. The Medley Ergo range has some decent, solid care beds in this price bracket.

Mid Level Care Bed Prices

If you want a bed with more features or that looks a bit homelier, then the price will go up a bit.

You can get half-divan style beds that still provide adjustable head and foot positions and will look more domestic. These are about £1000-£1200 in price (and then about £200 more for the mattress).

Some care beds are particularly homely-looking. They have a discreet wooden surround, so they will blend in with any décor at home.

With built-in height adjustability and positioning options, these beds start from around £1600.

But if you’re wanting a double-sized care bed, then again you can expect to be paying a bit more. Double care beds can cost around £4500.

You might choose to have split controls so both of you can determine your positions independently to you partner. Bear in mind that to have independent controls, you will need separate mattresses.

Can I Find A Bed That Helps me Stand Up?

For something more specialist (like turning beds), you will be looking towards the higher end of the price range. This is because these beds are much more complex and require more equipment.

Our turning bed is a good example of this. This style of ‘chair bed’ rotates and turns into a chair; this is great for people who need a little extra help coming to a standing position. A turning bed also allows a user to maintain independence by not requiring a carer to help a person out of bed.

These beds are typically used to care for people with complex physical disabilities and low mobility.

Other Costs

Depending on any additional features you want to include in your bed, you can expect to pay a little more. If you want to include bedsides or grab rails, then these can be fitted to your bed at an additional cost.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy a new care bed then you’re looking at prices anywhere between £600 and £9000 depending on what you want. Try and write a list of what is needed in your electrically adjustable bed before you make any decision.

Buying a hospital style care bed for your home can vary significantly depending on brand, build quality & features required. Hospital bed prices can range from around £600 to upwards of £6000.

But if you’re still stuck for which to choose, or you want a more specific pricing, get in touch with our team!

    Please note: We are not a care agency, so are not recruiting for any carers or care staff!

    Date Published

    15 November 2018

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