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Seating Accessories for Amputees

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Welcome to our next article in the series about the role that specialist seating accessories play in helping patients with different needs. In this article we look at the needs of amputee patients in hospital and how seating accessories can help them.

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What are the needs of amputee patients?

Amputees need seating that can be modified to suit their particular kind of amputation and level of mobility. Comfort and pressure are key factors to consider when looking at seating accessories for amputees.

After amputation, the stump will need regular care and may swell up briefly (oedema), so good pressure care is essential in these circumstances.

Health complications can occur after amputation such as heart problems, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), pneumonia, and ‘phantom limb’ pain. Keeping the patient moving is important to prevent DVT, so having a chair that is easy to transfer or use standaids with is another important feature.

Seating Accessories available

We have identified a range of seating accessories that can assist amputees with some of their symptoms, and the chairs that they come with.

Finding the Right Chair

The Prospec Riser Recliner is a great chair for those needing assistance with mobility. It has cut-outs to help with standaid positioning and drop-down arms for side transfers. The four-way stretch dartex material is very soft and supple giving lots of relief and comfort. It also has a vertical rise function which raises the chair vertically to a more accessible position, which is invaluable for carers who need to tend to the patient post-surgery and administer stump care etc.

The Lento Care Chair has an articulating legrest and footrest height adjustment which can help blood circulation and prevents swelling. It has good lateral backrest support with different options for arm amputees who cannot support themselves with their hands or arms. It can be upgraded to gel or alternating air cushions for extra pressure relief.

As its name suggests, The Karma Flexx wheelchair is highly configurable and all seat dimensions can be adjusted to achieve the best possible posture for amputee patients. It is easy to adjust with its colour-coded design and has a great range of innovative features like flip-up sides for side transfers.


Getting a chair with the right accessories can make a big difference to amputees as they recover and rehabilitate into daily activities. We hope this is helpful for you when considering the requirements of patients on your amputee ward.

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    Date Published

    12 September 2022

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