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What is the Cost of a Lento Riser Recliner Chair?

The Lento Riser Recliner chair comes with additional upgrade features and different motor options. This article will give you an indication of the price ranges for a Lento Riser Recliner depending on the specification.

When wanting to know the price of a Lento riser recliner chair, it’s important to understand that the price can vary greatly depending what options you choose.

It’s a bit like asking what is the price of a VW Golf — it all depends on what model you choose, what engine size, trim, extras and so on. An eco-friendly Golf 8 with a 1.0 litre petrol engine would cost £26.5k, whereas a top of the range Golf R with all the bells and whistles would cost £56k. As you can imagine, the type of driver would be very different!

Different Models, Different Chairs

Firstly, there are three different models of the Lento Riser Recliner — the Portable Lento Mobile Riser Recliner, Standard 40 Stone bariatric recliner, and the 50 stone Lento Bariatric Riser Recliner.

A bit like buying a car, it depends on what you will use the chair for as to what model you go with.

The highly portable Lento Mobile is ideal for hospital wards, having all the rehabilitation benefits of a riser recliner with the ability to move easily around the ward.

The standard Lento Riser Recliner is ideal for community and care homes, with different fabric options to suit the home and different levels of pressure relief.

The bariatric Lento is built for plus-size patients up to 50 stone with a heavy-duty frame to support the patient’s weight.


Other Factors that Influence Pricing

The other factors to consider when specifying your Lento riser recliner are listed below. These choices can influence the price significantly so it’s important to understand what you will be using the chair for and the profile of patient that will be using the chair.

To help with this, book a no-obligation assessment if you work in community or social care.

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  • Acute or Community use
  • Motor mechanism
  • Pressure relief
  • Accessories


Acute or Community use

The acute sector refers to hospital and primary care settings, where multiple patients are receiving different kinds of surgery or treatment for a particular ailment. A key priority for these environments is infection control, to minimise the spread of infections between patients. We have designed a version of the Lento riser recliner specifically for acute care, with enhanced features to help stop the spread of infection. To learn more about infection control you can read our in-depth article here.

In community care where carers give one-on-one treatment in a person’s home, infection control is still important, but the risk of contagion is less with fewer people and potentially less ways for infection to spread. The community version of the Lento Mobile has Velcro to attach the seat and backrest cushions, which doesn’t meet the rigorous infection control standards in hospitals, but is fine for community care.


Motor Mechanism

You can choose between single or dual motor options.

Single motor tilt-in-space has two main functions, the recline which activates the tilt-in-space, and the rise function to help the patient stand.

The dual motor tilt-in-space version has additional backrest and legrest functions which allow these parts of the chair to move independently, creating more positioning options. As you would expect, the additional motor adds extra cost.


Pressure Relief

The standard pressure relief in the Lento riser recliner is a medium risk foam. If a client is more susceptible to pressure ulcers, you can opt for higher risk gel or even alternating air to provide for their needs.



There are a range of extras that can be purchased with your Lento riser recliner to aid postural positioning. To browse the different accessories and find prices for individual accessory packs, look here.


Price of the Lento Mobile Riser Recliner

The starting price for a Lento Mobile chair is £3000 for a standard single-motor. Dual motor, infection control features and high-grade pressure relief can increase this cost by circa £1000. A pack of accessories can cost another £1000, meaning a higher spec Lento Mobile with a full fleet of accessories could cost up to £5000.

Price of the Bariatric Lento Riser Recliner 

The Bariatric Lento has a much higher price point due to the larger frame, motors and robust construction. The 40-stone weight limit model starts at £6950 with infection control spec, and the higher 50-stone weight limit at £7550.



The price of a Lento riser recliner chair can vary greatly depending on the specification you require, for more information or to request a no-obligation quotation from one of our seating specialists please contact us.

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Date Published

30 May 2023

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4 minutes

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