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Vivid.Care – Meeting Healthcare Challenges of the Future

We have a proud 50-year track record of supporting people in need of care and the organisations they rely on.

Over that time, our work has seen us supply healthcare equipment and independent living aids to NHS hospitals, local authorities, care homes and private individuals.

The dynamic and fast-moving healthcare industry has changed significantly over that same period, and we have successfully responded to those changes. To meet the healthcare challenges of the future, however, even greater business transformation is needed.

We will meet these challenges as

This is in response to significant business growth over the past 3 years where we have seen the needs of our customers and the reach of our business expand.

This change is driven by our team. There is no change of ownership, and all changes are self-funded. Our ambitions for the future are clear in our messaging ‘Advancing Care, Enhancing Lives’.

As our vision sharpens around seating, falls, rehabilitation, and mobility products, we are also increasing our support to the NHS and the care sector in terms of resources and services.

Changes to our internal structures and processes have already taken place and our product range is evolving quickly as illustrated by our all-new Lento Mobile Rise Recline chair.

Operating with an increased focus on the R&D of advanced, problem-solving healthcare products, we are bringing the experience and values gained over 50 years forward into this exciting new period.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during the Yorkshire Care Equipment years.

With the introduction of our new brand, advanced products and enhanced services we are re-energising our commitment to those in need of care and look forward to our work together as

Tristan Hulbert

Managing Director

Date Published

16 November 2022

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Brian Chege

Brian is a university graduate with a particular interest in researching and writing about healthcare topics, including medical conditions, and current NHS issues and solutions. To ensure his articles are relevant and accurate, Brian uses UK government and private sector reports, and draws on a vast network of independent occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and healthcare professionals to both inform and verify his work.

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