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FREE Specialist Seating CPD Course for Healthcare Workers


We have launched two CPD accredited seating courses as a continuation of our commitment to provide FREE training for Occupational Therapists working with our seating products.

Our aim is to optimise the equipment assessment process and once deployed achieve the best possible life enhancing results for the end user of our seating. With this objective in mind, we have created two CPD accredited training courses: “An Introduction to Specialist Seating” and “Factors to Consider When Carrying Out a Seating Assessment”. These are made available FREE to our customers.

Padraig Finn, our band six physiotherapist, said:

“The case for accurate assessment of a client and identifying their seating requirements can’t be stressed strongly enough. If we can assist OTs and healthcare professionals in this aspect of their work, we will. The two CPD courses we have developed are a great route to achieving this while also providing CPD resources.”

CPD Accreditation

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Achieving CDP accreditation was very important to us. CPD has provided a unique service for over 25 years. Hundreds of thousands of UK professionals recognise CPD accreditation as the qualitative benchmark that sets the standards for continual professional development in their Healthcare careers.

Each of the two courses has been very carefully crafted to provide career development learning outcomes that can be delivered remotely by webinar to any organisation deploying Yorkshire Care Equipment’s seating products anywhere in the UK.

The learning outcomes and the structure of the two courses are designed as a progression with each course concluding with a summary of key points and learning outcomes and the opportunity for a Q&A feedback to end each session.

Our managing director, Tristan Hulbert, said:

“The two CPD courses; An Introduction to Specialist Seating and Factors to Consider When Carrying Out a Seating Assessment are a further addition to our webinar programme and our commitment to sharing knowledge with our OT and our associated customers providing life enhancing care services.”

Our CPD courses are available now. Just call us on 01423 799960 to book!

Further details on our CPD courses and booking are available here

Date Published

24 May 2022

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Graeme Wilson

Graeme has worked alongside the public sector for much of his working life, helping departments improve efficiencies and deliver on projects. In his role at Vivid.Care, Graeme used his experience to tackle some of the most challenging issues in the healthcare sector, from falls through to winter pressures. He was also a guest speaker and a number of different conferences, including at the Falls Prevention Summit in London.

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