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R20 Empulse Folding Powerpack

The R20 Empulse Powerpack is the next generation of wheelchair powerpacks. It clips to the back of most wheelchairs to provide powered assistance to the carer pushing the wheelchair up hills and for prolonged periods.

It is also the only powerpack which can be folded with the wheelchair.



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    Product Features

    Unique Folding System

    The R20 Empulse is the only attendant controlled power-pack that can be folded with your wheelchair.

    This means, there’s no need to remove it before folding the wheelchair down for storage or travel! Getting out and about is much quicker and easier.


    The R20 Powerpack weighs just 4.5kg. Thanks to the lightweight, compact design the wheelchair can still be easily self-propelled if needed. This is 3kg for the motor and then 1.5kg for the battery and controller.


    The R20 has been developed to fit very easily, two brackets need attaching to the frame of the wheelchair to take the motor and then a bracket needs attaching to the push handles of the wheelchair.


    The easy-to-use attendant control system has a one-press start/stop button. Plus, there’s a simple visual display showing the speed and battery levels.


    The Empulse has been developed with a solid long lasting tyre and lithium battery which provides quality and reliability. To back this up it is provided with a 2 year warranty on the batteries and 3 years on the motor!


    The R20 is compatible with a whole host of different wheelchair manufacturers and models, to check compatibility please get in contact with the make and model of your chair and we can check compatibility.

    If you are looking at a new chair then the vast majority of our Manual Wheelchairs would work in conjunction with the R20.


    There is no compromise on performance as the R20 achieves 9 mile range, can climb 5cm kerbs, 10 degree slopes and has a maximum user weight of 170kg.

    Product Specifications

    Overall Weight 4.5kg
    Battery 5.8 Ah - Lithium
    Maximum User Weight 170kg
    Range 9 miles (dependant on terrain)
    Maximum Slope 10° / 18%
    Maximum Kerb Climb 5cm
    Maximum Load (Including Wheelchair) 190kg

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