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Permobil F5 Corpus VS Electric Wheelchair

Leading the way in electric wheelchairs, the Permobil F5 Corpus VS standing wheelchair is a solution that enables users to stand with confidence, ride in comfort, and experience significantly improved health outcomes.


  • Highly adjustable: seat, back-rest, arm-rest, and leg-rest adjustability,
  • Unmatched ride quality and stability with Permobil’s power standing functionality on a front-wheel base,
  • 14″ seat elevator and posterior tilt to 50º,
  • Programme footplate height, to help find the ideal standing position,
  • Fender lights, USB charger, and drive wheel colour accents included,
  • Automatic anti-tippers deploy to maintain stability during standing,


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    Product Features

    Enabling You To Stand, Anywhere!

    The F5 Corpus VS power wheelchair is built to revolutionise lives: consider someone who has been confined to a seated position for a long period of time, and can now stand confidently and safely — the ability to stand and drive at any point during the standing sequence not only facilitates face-to-face communication but also rejuvenates social interactions, fostering a renewed sense of connection to family and friends.

    Practically, the Permobil F5 Corpus VS facilitates seamless transitions from sitting to standing, making daily activities much more accessible — reaching high shelves, engaging in eye-level conversations, and navigating different environments (both indoor and outdoor). This power wheelchair is not just a means of mobility; it empowers users to lead more dynamic, engaged, and fulfilling lives.

    Ergonomic Design

    The ergonomic design of the F5 Corpus VS brings numerous benefits to the user, ranging from improved social interactions and enabling face-to-face conversations, to better health outcomes such as enhanced pressure care and improved circulatory, gastrointestinal, and respiratory systems.  With built-in stable and durable front-wheel drive, the F5 VS can handle practically any terrain without sacrificing the user’s comfort.

    This electric wheelchair boasts fully independent agile suspension and automatic, self-adjusting support wheels, ensuring unprecedented comfort and stability, particularly during standing and driving. Various alternative driving controls cater to non-joystick users, and separate controls for assistants/caregivers are available. For transportation convenience, the upper part of the backrest can be removed to reduce the wheelchair’s overall size.

    With the Permobil F5 Corpus VS, users have the flexibility to stand and drive at any point during the standing sequence. The redesigned chest bar enhances both comfort and stability.

    Permobil’s ActiveHeight powered seat lift offers full suspension at any seat height, while the ActiveReach function combines seat height with seat tilt, enabling users to reach higher and farther.

    The included Permobil VoltPro charger and Permobil battery provide 25% more capacity and enhance battery lifespan by 50%.

    Permobil Corpus Seating System

    Incorporating the customisable Permobil Corpus Seating system, the F5 Corpus VS adapts to the body’s natural form, reducing the risk of pressure injuries. Featuring five power seating functions and three programmable seat memories, this system ensures the user’s comfort and well-being.  The seat’s 180° rotation also facilitates easy mounting and dismounting.

    Tailored To Your Needs

    A huge range of additional features and customisation options can be explored with your Vivid Care assessor and Permobil expert, ensuring your powerchair is fully tailored to meet your needs.  We will meet you at your place of residence, or at our showroom (whatever you prefer), to conduct a thorough consultation/assessment.  This will be to take all the key measurements needed to guarantee a mobility solution that fits your needs exactly, and enables complete support, care, and independence.

    Whether it is getting a full understanding of the mechanical controls and restraints, or customising the braking and steering systems, by working with us, you will be looked after by specialists who fully understand the importance of specifying a chair that meets your individual requirements.

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    Product Specifications

    Seat Height: 450 mm 450 - 800 mm (with electric seat lift)
    Max. User Weight: 136 kg (21.4 stone)
    Seat Width: 420 - 570 mm
    Seat Depth: 370 - 570 mm
    Backrest Width: 360/410/460/510 mm
    Backrest Height: 470, 545-670 mm
    Distance Between Armrests: 380 - 480/480 - 580 mm
    Backrest Angle: Manual - 120° (Power — 150° and 180°)
    Armrest Height: 185 - 320 mm
    Legrest Angle: 90° - 180°
    Range: 25 - 35 km
    Max. Speed: 12km/h
    Turning Circle: 1140 mm
    Obstacle Capability: 70 - 100 mm
    Electric Tilt Adjustment: 50°
    Crash Tested: Yes

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