Permobil M Corpus VS Electric Wheelchair

The Permobil M Corpus VS electric wheelchair brings a new dimension to power standing, also offering maximum stability, traction, ride comfort and manoeuvrability with a mid-wheel drive base.


  • Fully Programmable Standing Sequences,
  • Adjustable Chest Support,
  • Multiple Knee Support Options,
  • Power Articulating Footplate,
  • DualLink Suspension With Fully Adjustable, Oil-Dampened Shocks,
  • Excellent Low-End Torque.



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    Product Features

    Stand With Confidence!

    The Permobil M Corpus VS electric wheelchair offers new levels of power standing, complete with features to ensure stability, traction, ride comfort and manoeuvrability with a mid-wheel drive base.  Designed with the user in mind, this all-new wheelchair allows easy adjustment of the standing sequence & positioning to your specific needs in real time.  Users can now enjoy those important face-to-face interactions with family and friends, as well as greatly improved health outcomes and an overall enhanced quality of life.

    The Permobil Corpus Seating System features biomechanically optimized power positioning along with the Corpus Ergo Seat cushion with a redesigned pelvic well and Corpus Ergo backrest cushions (dual density foam).

    The chest support and multiple knee support options on the M Corpus VS are designed for comfort and more accessibility. With features like simplified adjustment points and quick release mechanisms, utilizing a standing wheelchair has never been easier.

    Product Specifications

    Seat Height (with electric seat elevator): 450 — 750 mm
    Seat Width: 420 — 570 mm (by 50 mm)
    Seat Depth: 370 — 570 mm (by 25 mm)
    Range: 40 km
    Max. Speed: 6 and 10 km/h
    Min. Turning Diameter: 1,310 mm
    Max. User Weight: 120 kg
    Max. Standing Angle: 70°
    Backrest Width: 360/410/460/510 mm
    Backrest Height: 470, 545 - 670 mm (by 25 mm)
    Armrest Height: 215 - 330 mm

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