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Permobil M3 Corpus Electric Wheelchair

The Permobil M3 Corpus Electric Wheelchair is made to help you achieve more. It has a compact base which offers manoeuvrability in very tight spaces, offers enhanced stability in various seating positions, and it’s overall functionality and driving performance is exceptional.


  • Compact base for more manoeuvrability,
  • Increased driving range,
  • ActiveReach programmable forward tilt for easier reaching,
  • Powerful LED lights on front and rear,
  • Optional advanced control system with full colour LCD display,
  • Offering a market leading 50 degrees of tilt in space.


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    Product Features

    Helping You To Achieve More

    The Permobil M3 Corpus combines exceptionally smooth suspension, steering and the Permobil Corpus seating system, to form a complete mobility solution with comfort, support, and agility (both indoors and outdoors).  The Active Height seat elevation functionality means users can talk and see people eye-to-eye, not only bringing a significantly more fulfilling social experience but also reducing neck and shoulder pain by removing the need to be constantly looking up.

    More Agility, More Comfort.

    The suspension on the M3 has been designed to provide optimum comfort during your drive, keeping all six of its wheels in contact with the ground for a stable, smoother driving experience.  This also creates more grip and therefore safety on slopes.  The Permobil M3 offers a market leading 50 degrees of tilt in space which provides improved comfort, enhanced pressure distribution, and a feeling of security in the chair while negotiating steep slopes.

    The M3 Corpus is small in size, and with the Caster Glide front casters this makes it have exceptional agility and ease of steering, especially at low speeds in tight spaces. Users can turn with full footplate clearance, even at a 90° leg rest angle (narrow footplates).

    The electrically adjustable leg rest is adjustable from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, and this can be a fantastic option for users who need to change their leg position throughout the day.  This can greatly assist with transfers and also help to reduce swelling.

    Permobil ActiveReach

    This advanced function combines the seat elevation with up to 20° of forward tilt. There aren’t any other mid-wheel Powerchair products on the market that can offer this sort of independence.

    The chair comes complete with the Permobil VoltPro charger and Permobil battery, offering 25% more capacity and improving battery lifespan by 50%.

    Permobil Corpus Seating

    Also incorporating the Permobil Corpus Seating system which is completely customisable and can be adapted to the natural form of the body, which has been proven to reduce the risk of pressure injuries developing. It is available with 5 power seating functions, and 3 programmable seat memories, meaning the users comfort and well-being is totally assured.  The seat can be rotated 180°, making mounting and dismounting much easier.


    The patented ActiveHeight features allows either 12 or 14″ of seat elevation that enables you to access places that would have been normally unreachable in other chairs, and it is the only seat elevator on the market that does not lock out suspension at full elevation.  This enables you to drive around at 3.2mph fully elevated, whilst keeping the benefit of the full suspension.

    Made For You

    The Permobil M3 can be completely customised and made specifically for your requirements with an incredible range of different accessories and options to suit.  Our in-house assessors can visit your home, or you can come to our showroom, for a thorough consultation during which we will take your measurements, ask a few questions, and then help you to create a bespoke mobility solution that addresses your individual requirements.

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    Product Specifications

    Max. User Weight: 23.6 stone (150 kg)
    Seat Height: 450 mm
    Seat Width: 420 — 570 mm
    Seat Depth: 370 — 570 mm
    Range: 30 km
    Max. Speed: 10 km/h
    Turning Circle: 1,100 mm
    Wheel Configuration: Mid Wheel Drive


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