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Permobil M5 Corpus Electric Wheelchair

With powerful LED lights, increased driving range and longer battery life, the M5 Corpus is designed to give you much more.  You can also expect increased speed, a stronger motor, higher elevation, top levels of stability, and all whilst maintaining exceptional comfort.


  • Fully independent agile suspension on all 6 wheels,
  • ActiveReach programmable forward tilt to assist with reaching,
  • Powerful LED lights and increased driving range and battery life,
  • Speed — 12 kmh (7.5 mph),
  • Stronger motors, higher elevation, better reach,
  • Highly adjustable.



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    Product Features

    The Powerchair For Adventures

    The Permobil M5 Corpus Electric Wheelchair offers a driving experience that’s unique in the market!  The seat follows the users natural body shape and movement, meaning they can sit in it for longer periods of time in complete comfort, and the wheelchair includes adjustability and movement functionality that enable a much bigger reach.  You can also expect more speed, a stronger motor, higher elevation, top levels of stability and traction, and all whilst maintaining exceptional comfort – this truly is the mobility device to accompany you on that adventure we call life!

    LED lights on the front and back are twice as bright as previous versions, offering brilliant visibility and enabling individuals to confidently continue their exploring and travelling after dark.

    The new Permobil battery and Permobil VoltPro charger work together to provide you with up to 25% greater driving distance, optimized charging times and longer battery life.

    Agile Suspension

    The Permobil M5 has agile suspension on all 6 of its wheels and sets a new standard for mid-wheel drive powerchairs, including on slopes and uneven ground/surfaces. The amazing stability means you can drive the powerchair while elevated and with full suspension functionality. This also creates a very smooth driving experience, even over obstacles and rough terrain outdoors.  Not only is this important for providing independence to those with limited mobility, but it also reduces stress, pain, and tiredness for the user as they have less vibration on the muscles and body.


    The M5 includes the ActiveReach feature that combines seat elevation of up to 35cm additional seat height as well as up to 50° of forward tilt, so that individuals can partake in more daily activities and enjoy easier transfers.  This also allows users to elevate themselves to eye level with family and friends, greatly enhancing social interactions and face to face conversations, as well as helping to reduce pain in the neck and shoulders from looking up all the time.


    The ActiveHeight enables you to drive at up to 5 km/h while fully elevated and combines seamlessly with ActiveReach to give you the ultimate advantage in accessing your environment.

    Permobil Corpus: The Ultimate Seat System

    Improved comfort, pelvic positioning, lateral stability and immersion are all key objectives of the new Corpus cushions.  Corpus cushions feature softer dual-density foam on the backrest, a re-designed pelvic well and Stretch-Airâ„¢, and a breathable, water-resistant cushion fabric that is machine-washable at 60°C.

    A Bespoke Solution To Meet Your Needs

    We have our own assessors and Permobil experts who will work with you and/or your Occupational Therapist, physiotherapist, and case manager to find the ideal powerchair for your needs!  Firstly, we will conduct a thorough consultation/assessment at your place of residence or our showroom, taking all the measurements needed to ensure a perfect fit tailored just for you. Following this, we will then explore potential customisations and additional features to create a powerchair that suits your exact requirements.

    By taking into account your present and long-term postural seating (and standing) needs, we’ll assess, advise and customise your chair to provide maximum care, support, and independence.

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    Product Specifications

    Seat Elevator Height (ex Cushion): 450 — 800 mm
    Seat Width: 420 — 570 mm (50 mm increments)
    Seat Depth: 370 — 570 mm (25 mm increments)
    Range: 32 km
    Max. Speed: 12 km/h (7.5 mph)
    Turning Radius: 54.61 cm
    Maximum User Weight: 150 kg
    Backrest Heights: 20”, 23” — 28” (1” incr.)
    Wheel Configuration: Mid Wheel Drive

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