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Permobil X850 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair

The X850 All Terrain Wheelchair doesn’t just stop at performance; it introduces a host of advanced features to elevate your off-road driving experience. From dynamic directional lighting that illuminates your path to spring-loaded mirrors and protective rubber bumpers, the X850 combines innovation with utility for an unmatched user experience.


  • Rear-wheel drive with a powerful motor and robust suspension,
  • Powered seat control functionality,
  • Seat rotation for easy transfers,
  • Speed: 10-15 km/h
  • Directional lighting which follows the route ahead,



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    Product Features

    Built For The Outdoors!

    The X850 could be your life-long companion: imagine a new existence where outdoor obstacles become challenges easily overcome, and terrain limitations are no longer a concern! This powered wheelchair isn’t just a mobility solution; it’s a key to unlocking new-found independence, providing users with the tools to navigate their world seamlessly, confidently, and with optimum comfort.

    The Permobil X850 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair stands as a testament to high-performance expectations, designed for individuals seeking top-tier capabilities, offering nearly 4×4 all-terrain prowess.  Join your family and friends for a bike ride, you can be sure that this wheelchair will handle it – you can just focus on enjoying the liberation of freedom!

    In addition to the seat rotation for easy transfers and powerful LED lights, this outdoor-friendly mobility solution also comes with large wheels, independent suspensions and a robust bumper, as well as an extendable wheelbase for even greater stability at high speed.

    Experience complete control with the X850’s Electronic Steering Performance, a cutting-edge feature that adeptly manages the motor, ensuring you never compromise control, especially when navigating corners.

    Permobil Seating System

    This wheelchair integrates the Permobil Seating System, with a contoured cushion which seamlessly adapts to the natural shape of the user’s body.  The seat also offers 180° rotation and adjustable angle arm-rests, simplifying the mounting and dismounting process and making transfers much easier.

    Tailored To Your Needs

    Our in-house assessors and Permobil experts will work with you and/or your OT, physiotherapist, and case manager to find the perfect powerchair for you!  The first step is to conduct a thorough home or showroom consultation/assessment, taking all the measurements needed to guarantee a flawless fit tailored just for you. Following the measurements, we will then work with you to explore potential additional features, ensuring the creation of a personalised powerchair that aligns perfectly with your needs.

    Whether it is getting a full understanding of the mechanical controls and restraints, or customising the braking and steering systems, by working with us, you will be supported by specialists who understand the importance of specifying a chair that meets your individual requirements.  By taking into account your present and long-term postural seating (and standing) needs, we’ll assess, advise and customise your chair to provide maximum support as well as independence.

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    Product Specifications

    Max. User Weight: 136 kg
    Seat Height: 540 mm
    Seat Width: 420 — 570 mm (by 50 mm)
    Seat Depth: 370 - 570 mm (by 23 mm)
    Range: 35 - 45 km
    Max. Speed: 10 - 15 km/h
    Turning Circle: 1,680 mm

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