Raizer M - Manual Falls Response Lifting Chair

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Respond to falls in the home or in care environments with the easiest way to raise a fallen person to their feet!


The Raizer M lifting chair is single operator chair using an easy to turn crank handle and reduces injury risk when moving and handling.


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Product Features

Provide falls response assistance, lifting a fallen person from the floor without the risk of handling-related injuries. The Raizer M Manual Falls Response Lifting Chair is a standing aid that will lift the fallen person from a fallen to seated position within minutes. Due to its easy to operate hand-crank design, emergency lifting aid needs no batteries or charging required!

Ideal for elderly/disabled individuals or simply for those prone to falls at home, the Raizer M is an assistive lifting device designed for falls response in domestic and care home environments. The Raizer M Manual Lifting Chair provides safety and peace of mind for those living in their own home but at risk of falls.

Helping the user from a sit to stand position, this assistive lifting chair also takes the strain out of manual moving and handling. This falls response device will lift fallen people up from the floor after a fall, one carer can quickly and gently get a patient back on their feet. Lifting a person from the floor takes under 5 minutes with the Raizer M falls response lifting chair!

Plus, there’s no need to call an ambulance or take an unnecessary trip to the hospital when the fallen person is uninjured. Fall assistance can be safely provided in the comfort of their home without the risk of moving and handling injuries possible from traditional lifting techniques.

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Original lifting chair design

The newest Raizer lifting chair is just as easy to assemble and operate as the popular Raizer II. In a non-electric, manual design, the Raizer M has the same unique lifting chair design proven to enhance comfort and hygiene.

      • Comfort – As proven with Raizer II, the lifting process is very comfortable compared to other solutions on the market.
      • Hygiene – Raizer M’s materials and surfaces have been designed to be easy to clean and disinfect after use.

How does the Raizer Manual Lifting Chair Work?

The Raizer M Manual lifting chair is operated with a crank. However, there is still no physical lifting! Designed for falls response at home or in care environments, it is a more affordable lifting aid for fall assistance. Its manual operation means it never need charging and is always ready to use!

The Raizer M lifting chair consists of eight parts:

      • 1 main seat unit
      • 1 crank handle
      • 2 identical backrest pieces
      • 4 identical leg pieces

To use, simply slot each of the backrest and leg pieces into the seat unit.

These click into place, so you know each piece is correctly assembled.  You can then use the crank to gently begin lifting the Raizer M into a typical chair position.

Watch The Raizer Manual Falls Response Lifting Chair in Action:

Here you can see exactly how to assemble, operate and disassemble the Raizer M Falls Response Lifting Chair. The lifting device can be operated by just one person and holds users up to 330lbs (149kg) in weight.

How To Use The Raizer II Lifting Chair – Vivid.Care – YouTube

How much does the Raizer M cost?

The Raizer M lifting chair is available for £1596.00 with VAT relief (see eligibility).

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