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What is Cool Gel Pressure Relief?

Coolgel is an innovative gel-infused foam that is used in mattresses and seat cushions, providing exceptional levels of comfort and pressure relief.


How is it Made?

In technical terms, coolgel is a viscoelastic material formed from a combination of traditional memory foam and a viscous gel.

The process begins by creating a memory foam that conforms to the shape of the body. It is then infused with cooling gel particles, which serves two purposes. Firstly, it increases the heat conductivity of the foam, which actively cools the surface of the skin and provides a cooler sleeping experience. Secondly, it makes the foam more flexible and responsive to changes in pressure and movement, providing exceptional pressure relief.

Where is it Used?

The main application of coolgel is in pressure care mattresses, designed for use with profiling beds and patients with lower mobility who need a greater degree of postural support.

By using pressure care mattresses with coolgel, the mattress shapes to the body’s natural contours, alleviating pressure points and promoting good spinal alignment.

The material has uses in other areas of healthcare products such as wheelchair cushions and other assistive seating, providing comfort and pressure relief for patients who spend a lot of time seated.

Our Lento care chair range comes with visco foam as standard, but can be upgraded to coolgel in the seat cushion. The combination of the vapour permeable dartex upholstery and the coolgel underneath gives winning pressure relief combination, perfect for medium risk patients.

Lento care chair

Lento Care Chair

What are the Main Benefits of Coolgel?

Temperature Regulation

The gel beads help dissipate and absorb heat generated by a person’s body, keeping the surface of the mattress cool. This can be very beneficial for people who run hot during sleep.

Improved Sleep Quality

Overheating can disturb sleep, so by maintaining a cooler environment for the patient, coolgel can help give a better quality of sleep.

Enhanced Pressure Relief

The memory foam qualities of the coolgel layer shape to the person’s body, spreading pressure over a greater surface area and relieving pressure and discomfort. As well as preventing pressure injuries, this also helps relieve discomfort for those with joint pain and arthritis.

Hypoallergenic Properties

Some coolgel mattresses are resistant to the build up of allergens, such as dust mites or mould, which is good for those with respiratory issues.


The material can be incorporated into standard form, latex or hybrid (foam and air) mattresses, making it widely available to users with all kinds of different preferences and needs.


Mattresses with Coolgel

There are a couple of mattresses in our range that have coolgel. The top layer of coolgel sits just underneath the mattress topper, as shown in the diagram below.

coolgel mattress layers

Cool Gel Comfort mattress

This mattress works well with adjustable profiling beds such as our Opera range. It has a firmness rating of 2 which is soft to medium. The top layer of coolgel is supported by a memory foam in the middle and a general foam underneath to give good cushioning and support. It is available in a range of different sizes; small single, single, and small double.

Cool Gel Comfort mattress

Impulse Hybrid mattress

This is a hybrid mattress which combines foam and air cells to give the best combination of support and pressure distribution. It incorporates coolgel in the foot section to give the best pressure relief for the feet and heels. The head area is castellated foam to minimise pressure in this higher-risk area. Suitable for high-risk users.

Impulse hybrid mattress

Cross-section of Impulse Hybrid mattress


To recap the key features of coolgel:

  • It helps regulate body temperature
  • Has a high density base layer that provides a supportive foundation
  • The gel-infused surface is softer and enveloping, providing spinal support
  • Is ideal for profiling beds

To see this incredible material for yourself, you can book a showroom demonstration or home visit by contacting our team using the form below.

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7 December 2023

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