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Falls & Hip Fractures Webinar: Top Tips for Recovery & Prevention

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Date: 22 Apr 2021

Training and support for occupational therapists, physios, and other healthcare professionals working with clients who have been affected by or are vulnerable to falls.

Why watch back?

  • International guest speaker: Broaden your horizons with an overseas specialist joining us live!
  • Live demonstration: A mix of presentations, discussions and an exclusive live product demonstration offers learning with inspiration.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

    • Overview of the significance of falls in the UK to both individuals and the NHS.
    • Understanding the different types of hip fractures and their severity.
    • Exploring preventative measures that can be taken to tackle falls around the home.
    •  An introduction to a brand new revolutionary falls protection device, the first of its kind! This event will be the official launch of the product in the UK.
    • A live demonstration of the new device.
    • Sharing of results from studies carried out by the University of Grenoble in the French Alps.
    • Live Q&A.

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