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Rehabilitation Using Moving & Handling Techniques & Equipment

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Date: 17 Feb 2022

Using moving and handling equipment with a view to therapeutic rehabilitation: Learn to work smarter.

This free webinar provided training and support for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals working with rehabilitation and/or manual handling.

Why watch back?

  • Experienced guest speaker: The session was presented by special guest speaker Penny Townsend, Physiotherapist & Moving and Handling Consultant, MCSP HCPC NBE.
  • Learn about therapeutic handling: Discover the difference between care handling and therapeutic handling, and find out techniques and equipment you can use.
  • Put learning into practice: Hear about live case studies from Penny’s vast experience in working with clients.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

  • The difference between care handling and therapeutic handling
  • The responsibilities of delegation of activities related to moving and handling and therapy
  • Safety first — considering complexities of clients
  • How using moving and handling equipment can aid therapeutic rehabilitation
  • A review of problem solving case studies

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