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The Role of Heat & Moisture in Skin Health in Seating

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Date: 26 Aug 2021

A free webinar looking at how heat and moisture can affect skin health in seating, with an exclusive look at the JAY Balance Cryo cushion!

Why watch back?

  • Guest speaker: Hear from experienced Occupational Therapist Faith Brown.
  • Learn the science behind skin care: Gain a greater understanding on the causes and effects of heat and moisture whilst sitting.
  • Discover solutions: Learn about specialist cushions and how they can help.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

  • The importance of skin health in seating.
  • How we account for skin health in seating assessments and with other equipment.
  • Skin microclimates and maintaining skin health with special guest speaker Faith Brown, OT.
  • An introduction to the JAY Balance Cryo cushion!
  • Live Q&A.

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