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Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Webinar (including an overview of activity chairs)

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Date: 29 Jul 2021

A free webinar providing training and support for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals working with clients living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Why watch back?

  • Guest speaker: Hear from Patrick Burke, who lives with MS.
  • See a live demonstration: Guest speaker Chris Marshall provided a live demonstration of activity chairs and how they can help.
  • Learn the science behind MS: Gain a greater understanding on the causes and symptoms of MS.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

    • The stages and causes of MS
    • Visible and hidden effects of the disease
    • How to address MS effects when assessing
    • An overview of VELA activity chairs and how they can promote independence in the home
    • A discussion from Patrick (who lives with MS) of the daily challenges he faces and how to overcome them
    • Live Q&A.

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