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Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

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Date: 22 Feb 2023

A free webinar providing training and support for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals working with clients living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Patrick lives with and campaigns on all things MS. Chris Marshall is UK Country Manager for VELA the medical seating company from Denmark. Chris has many years experience of carrying out assessments for those living with MS and now responsibility for the businesses relationship with the NHS and care organisations. Chris and Patrick have collaborated for several years.

Chris and Patrick will talk about the latest research findings. And Patricks will discuss his experiences living with MS — Visible & Invisible and avoiding trips and falls.

  • What is MS, causes and effects
  • The latest findings, MS, one disease rather than 3 stages
  • Patricks experiences living with MS — Visible & Invisible
  • Avoiding trips or falls, a big concern
  • Aiding independence.
  • Live Q & A

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