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Understanding Parkinson’s Disease in 2023 and Beyond

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Date: 26 Oct 2023

Why Watch Back?

Watch our educational webinar providing training and support for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals working with clients living with Parkinson’s Disease:

Learning Points Covered:

– Listen to Alex Edwards and Laurel Miller from Parkinson’s UK to learn about the latest research developments and therapy advancements in relation to Parkinson’s Disease
– Find out how to better talk to your patients about research and resources relating to Parkinson’s Disease
– Discover how to prescribe seating for those with Parkinson’s, what to consider and how to carry out an assessment
– Live Q&A

A message from Parkinson’s UK:

1. Help your patients get involved with research:

Parkinson’s UK is dedicated to finding new treatments, faster. But without people taking part in research, this simply can’t happen. Help us get there by sharing our research leaflet with your patients.

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2. Let Parkinson’s UK know how they can support you:

We want to support you in sharing opportunities to take part in research with your patients. Please let us know about your motivators and barriers with us in this 5-minute survey or email [email protected].

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For opportunities for patients to take part in research, the latest research news, and information about upcoming research events.

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4. Explore the Parkinson’s Learning Pathway for Therapists

The Parkinson’s Learning Pathway for therapists is a directory of educational courses and resources for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech and language therapists. It has been designed to guide you to opportunities that are relevant to your profession and experience.

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Understanding Parkinson's Disease in 2023 & Beyond - Webinar

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