Smart Drive MX2+ Powered Add On

The SmartDrive is a revolutionary powered add on which attaches to the back of most rigid or even folding chairs to give you that added boost when required. Weighing only 5.7 kg this makes it the lightest power pack in the world!



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Product Features

Power Assist

Propelling a manual wheelchair can lead to severe stress on the shoulders and upper body. The SmartDrive has been developed to enable the user to navigate up hills, ramps and extended distance with limited effort.

Clip On & Off

The simple but effective bracket means that the drive unit can be clipped on / off your chair in seconds and leaves virtually nothing on your chair so it can be used as a normal manual wheelchair should you not need the powered aspect.

Multiple Ways To Control

The Smart Drive MX2+ has been designed to be controlled in 3 different ways dependant on your preference:

  • Push Tracker E3 – The most up to date version of the Push Tracker is a very simple easy to set up Smart Watch which allows you to control all of the settings at the touch of a button.
  • Speed Control Dial – The Speed Control Dial can be mounted on the frame of your wheelchair near the leg rest which allows you to control the speed by turning a very simple dial.
  • Apple Watch – There is an app which can be installed on your existing Apple Watch which gives you an incredibly user friendly way to control your Smart Drive, change settings, track distances and battery levels right from your wrist

Lightweight & Compact

At 5.7 kgs – This is the lightest rear power assist in the world. Its compact size doesn’t affect the footprint of your wheelchair.


The SmartDrive MX2+ is compatible with almost any self propelled wheelchair, to check compatibility please get in contact with us with the make and model of your chair and we can check compatibility.

If you are looking at a new chair then all of our Active User Wheelchairs would work in conjunction with the Smart Drive MX2+ .

Airline Safe

The Smart Drive is certified for air travel which means you can easily take it on holidays or business trips.

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