Empulse F55 Hand Bike

The F55 wheelchair hand bike is a very versatile powered add on, it can be clipped onto the front of your existing manual wheelchair within seconds and essentially turns it into a 3 wheeled powered trike!

Available in  the compact, 8.5″ drive wheel model for city-centre manoeuvring or the 14″ drive wheel model for more off-road adventures.


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Product Features


The F55  is compatible with a whole host of different wheelchair manufacturers and models, to check compatibility please get in contact with us with the make and model of your chair and we can check compatibility.

If you are looking at a new chair then the vast majority of our Active User Wheelchairs would work in conjunction with the F55.

Complete Freedom

With the maximum speed of 15 kph we’ve found the F55 is a great option for someone that needs a little bit more from their powered add on, perhaps taking the kids out for a ride on their bikes or taking the dog out for a walk, the F55 will keep up with those demands that slower powered add on’s haven’t been able to do in the past.


Due to the way the F55 fixes onto your chair, it only requires two really small brackets which can be left in place on the chair when the F55 which means you could leave the bike attachment in the car and still get the benefit of having a lightweight manual wheelchair for getting around.

Drive Wheel Options

The F55 is available with an 8.5″ solid drive wheel which we’ve found provides a shorter overall length and  a tighter turning circle for use indoors or we can offer the popular 14″ version which we’ve found provides better traction and handling on outdoor terrain.

Cruise Control

A really unique feature of the F55 is the built in cruise control feature which means if you press a button on the controller the device will automatically keep you at that speed constantly so all you have to do is sit back and steer.

Smooth Braking

Choose between using a disk brake for an immediate stop or the electromagnetic for gradual speed reduction and a smooth stop.

Bright LED Light

Perfect for those dark nights, the super bright integrated lights ensures your safety at all times.

Clear LCD Display

The easy to read backlit display allows you to monitor your speed, distance or battery level.

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