Freedom Foldable Splitting Electric Wheelchair - DE08L

The DEO8L electric wheelchair is the most popular model from our folding range, its very clever folding and splitting design means it will fold up into one piece very easily for storage and then if required can be split into two pieces to make it lighter for lifting into a car.

Its quality design means it has an 160 kg weight limit and extremely powerful 250w motors to ensure it copes with day to day use!


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Product Features

Foldable & Separable

This lightweight foldable wheelchair can be easily folded in just seconds! Additionally, the DE08L has a clever frame design which separates into two manageable sections of no more than 15.5kg, including a battery. Its collapsible design means it is ideal for when storage space required inside an apartment or cruise ship cabin is minimal.

Latest Battery Technology

Up to 3 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be fitted giving you excellent range. Each battery has a range of up to 9 miles, so with three batteries, 27 miles may be possible depending on terrain and user weight. Adaptor cable included for off-board charging.

Highly Manoeuvrable

This powered chair will turn on its own axis making it much easier to use than a mobility scooter in restricted areas such as retail spaces and lifts. Steering with the joystick is very intuitive and can be left or right-handed.

Electromagnetic Brakes

Electromagnetic brakes automatically hold you on a hill as soon as the joystick is released. Motors can be set to freewheel mode allowing the chair to be manually pushed by an attendant if required.

Raisable Armrests

For side transfers into and out of your seat, we’ve incorporated a handy flip-up function on both armrests. Also, very useful for clearing the joystick when drawing up to tables.

Joystick With USB & An LED Light

FreedomChairs have a built-in USB charging port under the joystick so you can top up your smart phone on the move. Particularly handy when using battery intensive navigation apps. Additionally, for your safety, there is a bright LED light that can be turned on to light your path ahead.

On-Board Storage

Handy under-seat bag for personal items. Plus, a useful seat back storage compartment.

Travel Bag

Durable travel bag provided, free of charge. Protects your chair and the handles allow it to be rolled along in freewheel mode.

Optional Accessories

  • Attendant Control to allow the carer to power the chair from the handles
  • Headrest – Fully adjustable which can be easily added or removed from the chair as required
  • Cup Holder
  • Seat Widening Kit – Available in two sizes, the kits can add a total of 60mm (2.5″) or 100mm (4″) between the armrests.

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