Breezy Ibis Tilt In Space Manual Wheelchair

The Breezy Ibis Tilt in Space Wheelchair is a fantastic wheelchair for somebody who requires a high level of comfort and support. It has a 30 degree tilt in space mechanism, a wide range of options available to suit different clients and can be transported in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.


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Product Features

Ergonomic Seating

The renowned Sedeo Pro seating system offers an unrivalled comfort and support which is ideal for someone that could spend long periods of time in the chair.

Total Adjustability

The Ibis Pro has been specifically designed to be adjustable many of the measurements like seat depth, seat height, footplate length, back angle & headrest can all be adjusted using only one tool.

Height & Angle Adjustable Push Handles

With carers and family in mind, the Ibis has been developed with an easily height and angle adjustable push handle to ensure the attendant can maintain a good posture.


To improve pressure distribution and overall comfort the Breezy Ibis comes as standard with 30 degrees of tilt in space and an optional backrest recline if required.

Extensive Options

The Ibis Pro Wheelchair is available with many different accessories and options to suit individual clients. We are happy to offer an assessment of this product to determine what is required.

Powered Options

If you concerned about family and carers struggling to push this wheelchair up hills, The Ibis can be combined with our R20 Empulse Powerpack which will offer a power assist to propel the chair when required.

Crash Tested

The Ibis Pro has been crashed tested to the ISO standard 7176-19 which means it is certified to travel in wheelchair vehicles and taxis safely.

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