E-Motion Wheelchair Powered Add On

The E-Motion is a futuristic powered add on which has both motors and batteries built into the hub of the wheel which means when you touch the handrim this propels the chair forward with minimal effort by the user.




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Product Features


Made in Germany, the E-Motion has been manufactured to the highest standard to ensure longevity, quality and robustness.

Drive Modes

Choose from either the standard assistance mode which means during every push the motor kicks in to give you assistance or you can use the innovative cruise function which maintains a permanent speed just with a single push.


The E-Motion powered wheels are able to be removed within seconds and replaced with your existing manual wheels if required.


The E-Motion has a range of options which allows you to personalise the wheels to your exact preference.

  • Handrims – Standard Stainless Steel, CarboLife Curve L Black Powder Coated or Carbo Life Tetra Rubber Grip Coated.
  • Tyres – Solid, Pneumatic or Puncture Resistant
  • Wheel Size – Available in either 22″, 24″ or 25″ dependant on the chair you’ve got.


The E-Motion is compatible with a whole host of different wheelchair manufacturers and models, to check compatibility please get in contact with the make and model of your chair and we can check compatibility.

If you are looking at a new chair then the vast majority of our Active User Wheelchairs would work in conjunction with the E-Motion.

Optional Accessories

  • Anti-tippers with jack-up function
  • Ergonomic Control System
  • Spoke protectors

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