Made to Measure Riser Recliner Sofa Range

Made to measure orthopaedic rise and recliner sofa. Bespoke sizing, backrest, colour, upholstery options to meet your specific requirements.


Postural support for low mobility users in domestic and multi-user environments. To aid safe standing, rise and recline actions are available on both sides of a two or three-seater settee.


Made to measure riser recliner armchairs also available.


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Product Features

Note – If you have a long term illness or disability or are a registered charity then no VAT is payable on this product. The VAT will automatically be removed from the order total on completion of our VAT declaration form during checkout.

This range of riser recliner sofas are designed with a high back and made to be flexible to offer motion on just one side of the couch, or both.

Working like a conventional rise and recline chair, these sofas come with a button handset allowing you to easily control your seat position. Lie back and relax or tilt the chair forward and up to help you stand safely. These smart riser recliner sofas can accommodate a range of different actions, as well as single tilt-in-space action.

Select a size and style that suits your requirements and looks good in your home! You can customise your rise recliner sofa and order online in just a few clicks.

Single and dual motor tilt-in-space electric rise and recline actions are available on request – learn more about the differences between single and dual motor actions. If you would prefer even more customisation on your riser recliner sofa actions, then please contact us.

1) Choose a sofa size

  • 2-seater – with 2 independent rise and recline actions, one each side.
  • 3-seater – with 2 independent rise and recline actions, one each side, with a static seat in the middle.

2) Choose a backrest type

We can provide two different types of back cushion as standard:

Soft button back – traditional design offering high levels of comfort.
Waterfall back – soft and comfortable, the cushion moulds to your body to provide support.

3) Choose your sofa fabric & colour

From warm neutrals to deep blue, our rise and recline sofas come in range of upholstery and colour options to match any room!

  • Plush Cocoa
  • Plush Wheat
  • Plush Sage
  • Plush Oyster
  • Plush Blue

If you’re looking for something a little bit different or need additional features, like drop arms for side transfers, please contact our helpful and experience specialists or browse our riser recliner products or our made to measure riser recliner armchair

Bespoke sizing options are available – please enquire about any of our products for more information.

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