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Harley Street Endodontics: VELA Case Study

The Harley Street Centre for Endodontics is a leading dental centre dedicated to Endodontics, the treatment carried out to save natural teeth (often referred to as root canal therapy). Their team includes specialists such as Dr Julian Webber and Dr Trevor Lamb, who provide some of the best endodontic treatment this country has to offer. 

Everything at the centre is state of the art – once you are inside, you forget that you are in a Grade 2 listed building. Premium equipment, including the latest operating microscopes, digital X-rays and computer systems, allow them to provide treatment which is efficient, accurate and pain-free. 

If you’re looking for a specialist root canal in London, The Harley Street Centre for Endodontics is definitely the place to go to. 

Harley Street Centre for Endodontics

The Problem  

Specialist Endodontist Dr Trevor Lamb was using an old work chair that was beginning to fail in its key functionalities and movements – all of which are vital to a professional engaging in surgical work for multiple hours a day, in which utmost precision is required. On top of this, his model of chair had been discontinued meaning spare parts and maintenance was no longer available.  

That’s when Dr Lamb decided a new chair was required. He needed an ergonomic seating solution with adaptable arm rests, to ensure his work could be carried out with maximum accuracy and success – not just any chair would do! He extensively researched many different products across the world, and even tried three different options with no success.  

As a world class facility offering top quality services, the Harley Street Centre for Endodontics recognised that maintaining and updating all equipment was of paramount importance. So, they kept on looking!  


The Solution 

When Dr Trevor Lamb came to us with his problem, we immediately knew we had a solution for him.  

As a supplier of the impressive VELA range of specialist medical chairs, offering unsurpassed engineering, optimum functionality, and top quality as Danish manufactured products, we identified the ‘Support+’ Surgeon’s Chair as a perfect work chair for Dr Lamb.  

VELA Harley Street Surgeon Chair Case Study

The VELA Support+’ Surgeon’s Chair improves a surgeon’s pre-conditions for a good ergonomic working posture during continuous precision work. The operating chair’s design supports the surgeon’s working posture and makes it easy to change position and height via foot-operated electrical functions.  

The chair features multi-adjustable armrests which help to keep hands stable, and can be easily lifted, dropped or tilted for maximum comfort and support, both in relation to the task at hand and the working position. 

On top of this, the chair allows its user to get extra close to a work unit, whilst still leaving plenty of room for the feet, even when the armrests are in use. 

Finally, the chair is infection control friendly with easy to clean materials, and it can also be adjusted without compromising a sterile working environment, as the chair has smooth-running wheels and a unique electric central brake that is easy to operate by foot. 

VELA Harley Street Surgeon Chair Case Study

The Result 

After an initial trial period, Dr Trevor Lamb soon realised that the VELA Support+’ Surgeon’s Chair was the right solution for him.  

We couldn’t sum up the positive results better than Dr Lamb himself: 

“Over my long career as a Specialist Endodontist working full time with a surgical microscope, I have owned and replaced three previous brands of chairs. The Vela is by far the best engineered and designed chair which fits so well into my technologically driven surgery. Every detail on the Vela has been carefully thought-out and engineered to perfection. There are far more adjustments available to meet ergonomic perfection. I wish I had discovered Vela earlier in my career. I have never sat so comfortably for 8 hours a day as I do now.” 

VELA Harley Street Surgeon Chair Case Study

Date Published

1 March 2024

Reading Time

3 minutes


Braden Frizelle

VELA Harley Street Surgeon Chair Case Study