E-Fix Powered Wheelchair Add-On

The E-fix powered wheelchair add-on converts a manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair, the motors are built into the hub of the wheel and the battery sits in a convenient sling underneath the seat, all of this is then controlled by a simple user friendly joystick which can be mounted on either the left or right hand side of the chair.


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Product Features


Made in Germany, the E-Fix has been manufactured to the highest standard to ensure longevity, quality and robustness.


The E-Fix has been designed to be pushed by hand if required, you can uncouple the wheels and it could be propelled like an ordinary manual wheelchair


The E-Fix is compatible with a whole host of different wheelchair manufacturers and models, to check compatibility please get in contact with us with the make and model of your chair and we can check compatibility.

If you are looking at a new chair then the vast majority of our Active User Wheelchairs would work in conjunction with the E-Fix.

Battery Options

The E-Fix has the capability to have a 6ah battery which will give roughly 10 miles range or you could upgrade to the 7.5ah battery which will enhance the range to roughly 12.4 miles.

Weight Capacity

We offer two versions of the E-Fix, the E35 which has a maximum user weight of 120kg or alternatively we offer the heavy duty E36 which has a weight limit of 160kg.

Mobility Plus Package

The optional Mobility Plus Package allows you to connect your Smartphone to your wheelchair, you can utilise the inbuilt map system for directions while travelling, it displays incoming call or text notifications, increase of speed and remote controlling of the chair.

Optional Accessories

  • Anti-tippers with jack-up function
  • Intuitive attendant control for the carer pushing
  • Spare Batteries
  • Joystick options
  • Spoke protectors

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