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MSIF Workforce Funding

The Market Sustainability and Improvement Fund (MSIF) Workforce Fund is available to local authorities now, including for the purchase of brand new specialist care equipment such as seating and falls devices. The deadline for all applications is the 22nd May 2024, let us help you put in yours today! Find out more below.

MSIF Workforce Funding

How Does it Work?

The government has renewed the MSIF Workforce Fund this year as it recognises that local areas are best placed to design and deliver their own tailored care initiatives. This fund can be used to improve your workforce capacity and retention, including by purchasing more functional equipment.

For example, we have supplied new fleets of Raizer patient lifting devices through a council to Extra Care council run care homes this season, financed through the MSIF Workforce Fund!

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How We`ll Help You Secure it:

Looking to purchase specialist seating, or Raizer falls devices? We’ll help you to collect the following evidence needed to prove that they increase workforce capacity and retention. We know it works, we’ve done it before!


Increases patient independence; reduces pressure issues (therefore case loads), reduces deconditioning due to considered therapeutic care features, reduces WRMSD/RSIs, improves care delivery, reduces waits for assessments due to adjustability, and increases happiness of patients.


Increase workforce capacity as a single handed falls response device; reduce need for training, reduce maintenance (none required on the manual version, we’ll cover the electric ones), reduce ambulance waiting times, reduce WRMSD/RSIs, improve patient outcomes, and decrease emotional trauma.

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Start The Application Process

Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today, who will help you to start your funding application process right away. 

Watch the video below, in which a member of our management team provides an overview of the process, and a better understanding of how the documentation should be filled out.

You can access the documentation discussed on the website, just click the button below to access your copies.

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