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Best Chairs for Use in Hospices

Hospices are a haven of warmth and hope, and provide exceptional end-of-life care for people with terminal illnesses. As a healthcare company we see first-hand the amazing work they do, and celebrate their amazing dedication and support to those in their care.

We have worked extensively with hospices over many years, delivering turnkey fitouts and supplying complex specialist seating.

To mark our appreciation of the work they do, we recently launched a new seating brochure dedicated entirely to hospices and care homes. Fill in the form on this link to request a free copy and find out more about our hospice seating range.

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Seating Features for Hospices

Seating in hospice environments is subject to heavy use and needs to be transferrable across a wide range of patients with different needs and conditions.

These are some of the standout features hospices look for across their patient seating ranges:

Inbuilt Pressure Care

Hospice patients who are receiving end-of-life care will spend a lot of time seated due to their physical condition and weakness, therefore it is important to have a high level of pressure relief built into the chair to keep them as comfortable as possible and protect their skin integrity.

The surface fabric used is important to prevent shear, keep the skin hydrated and provide a soft, supple contact surface. To alleviate pressure points, visco foam or coolgel can be incorporated into the seat cushion and legrest to minimise the risk of any pressure damage to the skin.

Diagram with labels showing posture and pressure care are both reliant on the correct seat sizing.

Postural Support

24-hour postural support can be achieved by incorporating seat, width and depth adjustment within the chair and using a range of different backrests and accessories, to specialise the posture of the chair to the patient’s specific requirements.

Lento accessories

Sympathetic Styling

Hospices are an oasis of calm and serenity for patients and their families, which permeates through in their soft furnishings and tranquil hues of colour. Seating colours and fabrics can be specified to match these colours and augment the environment, bringing peace and tranquillity to their surroundings.

Maximo Material Colour Options

Maximo Material Colour Options

Infection Control

Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) are a big concern in hospices to keep clients free from infection during their closing days. There are a range of innovative features available such as magnetic cushions and ingress-free design to prevent bacteria from harbouring.

Large Castors

Large wheeled castors are very useful in hospices to move patients around, giving them freedom to move around indoors and get outside in the fresh air. Outdoor spaces and nature help improve mood and wellbeing which is very important for hospice residents.

Battery Backup

The accupak battery system is a useful feature to include, allowing the chair to remain fully operational while being moved between locations, without trailing wires.

Compatible with Moving & Handling Aids

Giving the patient the smoothest transfer possible takes the stress and discomfort out of daily routines. Look for chairs that are compatible with standaids and hoists so the patient can be transferred easily with minimum strain.

Sara Stedy Compact Standing & Transfer Aid

Sara Stedy


Lento Mobile

The Lento Mobile is a winning seating solution for hospices, due to its multi-functional nature. It is a market-leading chair, being the first riser recliner/care chair hybrid. It combines all the advanced features of a typical care chair with the functionality and portability of a riser recliner. Its portability allows the resident to be moved around the hospice, so they can access treatments and socialise with family and friends.

Product shot of the portable Lento mobile medical riser recliner mobility chair with continuous footrest.

Lento Mobile riser recliner

These benefits are set out in its well thought-out features:

    • Angle-adjustable push handle – giving carers the ability to adjust the handle height up and down, the chair can be easily moved between locations
    • Its slim profile allows it to be easily moved through doors and tight spaces
    • Its wheeled castors provide excellent manoeuvrability and each wheel is braked for secure positioning
    • Compatible with the Sara Stedy standaid
    • Full postural support available with seat height, width and depth adjustment
    • Infection control is central to the design of the chair with modular removeable components and magnetic wipe-clean cushions.


Other chairs

Some of the other chairs in our range are popular with hospices, incorporating many of the features described earlier.

Lento Care Chair

Designed to accommodate the widest distribution of adults over 5’ 2” needing specialist seating. As well as fully adjustable seat dimensions, the Lento care chair can provide round-the-clock postural and pressure support with its adjustable cushions and high spec pressure relief.

Lento Care Chair Vivid Care

Lento Care Chair Vivid Care

Little Lento Care Chair

The junior version of the Lento Care Chair, the ‘Little Lento’ is for children and small adults up to 5’ 2”, providing all the same features.

Little Lento care chair

Lento Neuro

The Lento Neuro was designed for patients with neurological conditions, ideal for patients who have advanced Huntington’s or MND. The cocooned seat and strong steel frame provide extra security and stability, helping to control ataxic movements. The raked seat and soft wicking fabric provide excellent levels of pressure relief, keeping patients cool and hydrated who may be seated for long periods of time.

Lento Neuro Care Chair

Lento Neuro Care Chair


Hospice-friendly Features

As well as the advanced clinical benefits the Lento range of chairs brings, some of the softer, more nuanced features are important to suit the hospice environment. This is where the Lento range really goes above and beyond in terms of hospice compatibility.

Colour and Aesthetics

The choice of colour and aesthetics is a really important one for hospices. Using softer hues helps create a warm, comforting environment, and we have a wide range of colour schemes to blend in with your existing décor:

These are some example of some creative colour schemes we have used recently for hospices we have worked with:

Skanda Vale hospice chairs

Skanda Vale hospice chairs

Forest Holme hospice chairs

Forest Holme hospice chairs

Service and Repair Backup

We know how critical it is to keep equipment in top working order. Are engineers are available for site visits and you can take out a service contract for extra reliability and peace of mind. Find out more about our maintenance contracts here.



We’re proud of the incredible care that hospices provide, and are privileged to work with many across the UK specifying seating plans. We want to continue to help provide specialist care for those with terminal illnesses by providing seating that can provide the best levels of comfort and support to all hospice residents.

For more advice on hospice seating and to find out about the work we have done, contact our Acute Seating Team:

Speak to our Acute Seating Team

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5 April 2024

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