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Moving & Handling Equipment

Gantry Hoist Systems | Low Mobility & Elderly Care

Our collection of gantry systems has been carefully designed to provide carers with an alternative to overhead, ceiling patient hoisting.

Premium Quality: Crafted from durable materials, our gantry hoist systems ensure longevity and reliability, even with frequent use.

Versatile Options: We offer a wide range of gantry hoists, from portable and lightweight models to heavy-duty options, catering to diverse patient needs.

Patient Safety: It is important to ensure safe transfers and patient transfers, these gantry hoisting systems enable safer patient transfers up to 200 kg (31½ Stone)

Easy Set Up: This collection of gantry patient hoisting systems has been designed to be height and width adjustable through the telescopic sections so you can find the ideal fit for your needs.

Innovative Designs: User-friendly and ergonomically designed, our gantry hoist systems simplify patient transfers, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing caregiver support.

Accessories: Carry bags & wheeled trolleys for on the go, mobile patient moving and handling response. The hoisting hoist system can also be transported then stored away when not in use.

Enhance your low mobility and elderly patient moving & handling with these overhead gantry hoist systems, ideal when ceiling hoisting isn’t possible.

Shop and compare patient gantry hoist systems for elderly & low mobility care.