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Vitaline: Raizer II Case Study


Vitaline is a telecare response service in the Blackpool area, providing assistance for those prone to falling because of health issues, or anyone who is vulnerable and needs help in an emergency.

People living alone in the Blackpool community who are frail and at risk of falling can trigger a call to Vitaline’s control centre with a pendant alarm or monitoring sensor, getting assistance out to them at the touch of a button.


The Problem

What healthcare challenges were Vitaline faced with before getting in touch with Vivid.Care?

When attending a callout at someone’s home, Vitaline’s staff sometimes found it hard to lift the fallen person safely, without using extra staff resource. Fallers often needed help in some quite difficult and confined situations, which took extra resource and time to get them safely back to their feet and into their bed or chair.

The Vitaline falls team needed to manage these situations in a safer and more efficient manner, which we had the solution for!

lady falling in hospital


The Solution

How did we help Vitaline overcome these challenges?

We supplied Vitaline with the Raizer lifting chair, a single-carer lifting device that assembles around the faller and lifts them to their feet at the touch of a button. This provided three significant benefits to Vitaline’s operating staff:

  1. Saves on carer resource as only one person is needed to operate
  2. Assembles quickly around the patient and provides an immediate lift, getting the patient back to their feet within 60 seconds
  3. Fits together around the patient, making it easier to operate in confined spaces and no manual handling involved

When the response staff attend to a fall, they carry out a risk assessment first to determine if the faller is injured, and then decide what lifting method is best. Since introducing the Raizer to the Vitaline service, it is nearly always the lifting device of choice, due to its simplicity, safety and ease of use.


The Process

What impressed Vitaline the most in dealing with Vivid.Care?

Vitaline were very impressed with the speed of response from Vivid.Care and their efficient backup and repair service, whenever they needed a new part or a Raizer repairing.

The new edition of the Raizer, the Raizer II, was the next level up for the Vitaline team in terms of design and handling. The ergonomic seat section made it easier to lift and carry, and the seat surface was smoother and recess-free, making it more comfortable for patients and easier to wipe clean between callouts.


The Result

How has this impacted overall levels of patient care for Vitaline?

Moving over to the Raizer was really well received by the falls team at Vitaline. They embraced the new equipment and all the benefits it brought to their service, with its ease of use and taking the physical and emotional strain out of the lifting process.

The ergonomic design takes all the thinking out of lifting and assembly for the operator, making it their preferred lifting device for responding to uninjured fallers in the community.

Date Published

26 February 2024

Reading Time

2 minutes