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Getting a Mobility Recliner at Home

We have supplied mobility equipment for over 50 years, in this time, we have seen the importance of urgency.

The changing mobility needs of you or a loved one can be difficult to manage and people understandably want to quickly help their loved ones.

Our small role as a mobility equipment supplier is to put your mind at ease and ensure fast and hassle free home delivery of your new mobility chair. That is exactly what we do.

Recently, a local resident contacted us with one request: Deliver a mobility recliner to their home as fast as possible.

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Finding the Best Recliner Option

Following an assessment by their occupational therapist, a specialist riser recliner chair that met all of the customer’s health needs was recommended.

Our first step was to identify the right mobility recliner for the situation.

The best medical recliner for them needed:

  • Wide adjustable range – For changing needs
  • Wheels – For portability at home
  • Electric rise – To act as a standing aid
  • Tilt in space – To avoid pressure injuries

These features were necessary to help with rehabilitation and avoid pressure injuries after an operation.

The chair identified was the Lento mobility riser recliner with wheels, because of:

  1. Electric rise and tilt-in-space
  2. Wide adjustability options
  3. Integrated pressure sore prevention cushion
  4. Strong & durable braked wheels
  5. Vivid Care’s speedy service

Lento Chair: Adjustable & Portable Medical Recliners

We made the Lento medical recliner chair range to be widely adjustable to accommodate changing individual needs at home and for use in multi-patient care facilities like care homes and hospitals.

Product shot showing the Lento Patient Care Chair in a tilt in space position with an elevated and extended footrest.

The Lento’s widely adjustable and supportive design the care of disabled & elderly patients.

The wide ranging adjustability options of the Lento proved to be very important in this case.

What are the Benefits of an Adjustable Mobility Recliner?

A widely adjustable mobility recliner is beneficial because a person’s size or needs may change over time and this could mean that the recliner that once helped a low mobility loved one, isn’t as effective anymore.

You can buy our medical recliner chairs without an assessment – their wide adjustability means that vast majority of people will be able to find the perfect fit for them.

The adjustability of the Lento riser recliner chair allows you to:

  • Adjust and find the right chair height x width x depth
  • Remove pressure relief cushion and change to higher-pressure relief option if needed – Medium risk Visco foam is included as standard

Mobility Recliners with Wheels

Portability is also an important factor, a mobility recliner chair with wheels allows the chair’s user to be taken into different surroundings.

All Lento riser recliners rest on wheels which means you can take them push the chairs using an ergonomic push handle on the back.

This portability option allows socialising and means that the person using the chair doesn’t become isolated.

Elderly woman sitting in the dual motor, tilt in space Lento care chair with wheels. She is outdoors.

The medical grade Lento mobility recliner chair is on wheels for easy mobility.

Each of the durable multi-directional wheels has a brake for total security your peace of mind. The durable castors (wheels) mean that the Lento mobility recliner can be easily moved by family or carers.

Our portable medical recliner with wheels allow easy portering by nurses and other staff in hospital and care/nursing home settings.

Free & No Obligation Assessment

Pressure Injury Management

Incorrect posture and leaning while sitting in a chair can be combated by using the right equipment like medical recliner chairs and their accessories including cushions and postural support aids.

The Lento portable mobility recliner also has multiple features to help stop the development of pressure injuries that result from the increased pressure caused by leaning through:

  • Tilt-in-space movement that transfers pressure across the body
  • Breathable medical grade Dartex on all skin contact areas
  • Removable pressure relief cushion on the seat (Medium risk Visco foam as standard)
  • Postural support cushions that correct spinal alignment

How we Deliver Our Mobility Recliners Quickly: Warehousing Solutions

All our rise and recline chairs are kept with our sister company Dependall – their speciality is warehousing & logistics.

A quick trip there for the Lento portable medical recliner chair meant that the turnaround was quick and we were able to get their riser recliner chair delivered quickly.

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Between our convenient warehouse solutions and dedicated engineers & drivers, we are able to quickly deliver our medical recliner chairs to anyone who requires them.


When a local customer needed a mobility recliner delivered to their home quickly, the wheeled Lento rise and recline chair met the recommendations made by the occupational therapist and was quickly dispatched to the customer allowing for a rapid turnaround!

The whole process, from initial website enquiry, to the perfect chair being found, to delivery in just 24 Hours!

Taking good care of you is what we are proud to do, and we love finding suitable and efficient solutions to your problems.

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Important Note: The above example is taken from a local delivery in Harrogate, Yorkshire which allowed for even faster delivery than usual. Our standard UK delivery times are  7 days.

Date Published

21 September 2023

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4 minutes

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Brian is a university graduate with a particular interest in researching and writing about healthcare topics, including medical conditions, and current NHS issues and solutions. To ensure his articles are relevant and accurate, Brian uses UK government and private sector reports, and draws on a vast network of independent occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and healthcare professionals to both inform and verify his work.

Image showing the buying and fast delivery process of mobility recliners in the UK by Vivid Care. Image is titled 'Medical Grade Mobility Recliners for Home Care'

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