Made To Measure Rise & Recline Armchair

The Brecon is a classic, home style electric rise and recline armchair with comfortable scroll arms and many different backrest options to meet your needs.


Suited to both domestic and care home environments, this lounge style riser recliner armchair is available with single or dual motor tilt-in-space function, supportive backrest(s) and can be fitted with pressure relief cushions.


With a range of backrests available this made-to-measure riser and recline chair can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Bespoke riser recliner sofas available for couples or multi-user environments.


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Product Features

The Brecon electric rise and recliner chair has been created in a sturdy build for domestic and multi-user healthcare environments.

Featuring wooden arm knuckles and drop-down arms that facilitate moving and handling side transfers as options. With comfortable scroll arms along with a soft adjustable waterfall back to combine postural support and comfort for the seated individual.

This electric rise recliner armchair comes with various mechanical action options to offer support and comfort to the seated user:

  • Single or dual motor options allow users to control the backrest & footrest as one or individually
  • Tilt-in-space offers postural support and pressure injury management with
  • Available as a ‘wall hugger’ rise and recliner chair that rests on a track, as you recline back, the chair moves forward…reclining away from the wall
  • 3-way and a 4-way motor action

Pressure relief cushions can be incorporated into this custom made to measure rise recline chair. Read more about the paramount importance of getting patient measurements correct when providing seating solutions here.

Multiple Backrest Support Options

The Brecon rise and recline chair offers quality postural support thanks to a range of backrest options including a waterfall back, soft button back, ‘T’ backrest, and three different lateral backrest configurations.

Product Specifications

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