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Alleviating Yorkshire Ambulance Service Paramedics

After announcing that we’d supplied the Raizer lifting chair to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) we were delighted to find out that the organisation had been tackling falls in care homes using our product.

Working in conjunction with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), YAS has provided Raizers to care homes all around Sheffield to help them tackle falls by themselves before calling an ambulance. In turn, this will reduce ambulance call-outs and relieve pressure on paramedics.

Statistics show that annually, YAS respond to almost 800,000 emergencies every year with about 10% of these relating to people who have fallen and need assistance getting back up. YAS and CCG believe that a lot of these calls are from care homes where carers either cannot physically lift the person back to their feet because of lack of training and access to the right equipment.

Karen Owens, Director of Urgent Care and Integration at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said:

“Feedback from the care home staff and residents in the project described the Raizer chair as something which will help staff move people safely and with dignity and will give staff the confidence to assess injury prior to making the decision to moving someone.

“We very much appreciate the collaborative working and funding provided by the CCG on this project.”

The Raizer can be used by just one carer, which saves time and money for care facilities and gives residents a more dignified and comfortable lift.

Using the Raizer and other preventative methods, YAS and CCG are hoping that this new scheme will allow care homes to provide a better quality of care as well as reducing ambulance callouts. Other ambulance services are observing the trial with great interest will the idea of implementing the same actions in their own area.

The Raizer is totally unique falls lifting device because it only requires one person to work it. This makes it ideal for care homes where staff are probably a bit more stretched for time and effort.

By using the Raizer, care homes and ambulance services are saving time and money.

Our Raizer Specialist Steve Ellis said:

“When we worked with YAS last year, we knew that the Raizer could make a real difference to the level of care they were providing. Even when I’ve carried out training with their staff, you can see how much more confident the staff feel when they know they have a device that will genuinely improve the quality of care they provide.”

Date Published

11 November 2022

Reading Time

2 minutes

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