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A guide to mobility scooter hoists for cars

We get lots of enquiries about mobility scooter hoists for cars and other aids that could help you get your scooter in and out of the car.

So we wanted to take a quick look at scooter hoists and what they entail.

How do mobility scooter hoists for cars work?

Mobility scooter hoists are straightforward; they are permanently fixed in the boot of your car and are electronically powered to lift your scooter (or powerchair) into the boot of the car with minimum effort required.

The arm of the hoist will extend out of the boot to cradle and lift your scooter. The arm then folds back into the boot, guiding the scooter as it goes.

All you have to do is make sure the harness is securely fitted to your scooter so it can be lifted and press the button to get the hoist moving. No manual lifting involved!

The frame of the hoist will fold and tuck away to the edge of the boot so your scooter can fit comfortably in the car with some room to spare in some cases.

A lady using a mobility scooter hoist fixed in the boot of her car.

Car hoists for scooters are permanently fixed in the boot of your car and will lift your scooter in and out of the car with little effort. Check out the Smart Lifter range from Autochair for more information.

Will a scooter hoist fit in my car?

Mobility scooter hoists should be able to fit in most cars. One hoist, in particular, will work in over 400 different kinds of cars.

The Smart Lifter range includes a few different models of mobility scooters for cars that should be able to fit in almost any boot. But if you want to ask specifically about your make and model of car, then call 0800 038 9061 for more information.

Alternatives to a scooter hoist

Although mobility scooter hoists for cars are pretty diverse and easy-to-use, they might not always be the best solution for you. It’s important to know that there are other options available that will help you get your scooter up and into the back of your car.

Folding mobility scooters are available, which are often lightweight enough to lift into the boot of the car. These will collapse down to a much more compact size to make them easier to lift and more space-saving when in your car.

eDrive small folding electric wheelchair. Product shot.

The eDrive folding mobility scooter folds down to a much more easily transported size.

Models like the eDrive mobility scooter fold down to a much more manageable size so you can enjoy a day out without worrying about being able to lift your scooter back into your car.

Another option to consider is using a ramp. This will span the gap from the lip of the boot of your car, right down to the ground so you can simply push the scooter in and out as necessary.

Different ramps in the Aerolight range will be able to help you get your scooter in and out of the boot. For more information on which would be best for you, get in touch with our team.


Mobility scooter hoists for cars are great if you’re struggling to lift the device yourself, and they are very easy to use. Make sure you get advice from professionals on whether or not a scooter hoist will fit in your car before you invest in one.

Date Published

17 July 2019

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2 minutes

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