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Client Assessments & Social Distancing: FAQs

Throughout 2020, COVID-19 and lockdown measures have changed many aspects of everyday life. Assessments for care equipment has been no exception. People have still needed an assessment, but it hasn’t always been possible to arrange one. Many older people and individuals with disabilities have been shielding and getting occupational therapist (OT) referrals has been a longer process.

However, here at Vivid Care, we’ve continued to offer assessments to anyone that needs them. We’ve had a few questions regarding how we carry out these assessments safely whilst social distancing. So, here are answers to all the most frequently asked ones:

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1)     What alternatives are there to face-to-face assessments?

There is still the option of in-person assessments, either at home or in our showroom.

However, we now also offer video assessments! It’s a very simple process. When you book, we’ll arrange everything and send you the details to join the video call.

  • A computer, tablet, or mobile phone with a camera and microphone.
  • A tape measure – with inches and centimetres — is often handy.
  • Plus, any transfer aids or care equipment you might need to use throughout.

For more information on how it all works, check out our video assessment walkthrough guide.


2)     How do you maintain social distancing during an assessment?

We maintain social distancing wherever possible. How exactly we do that really depends on the kind of assessment.  For example:

  • Ramps: For ramp assessments we don’t even need to go inside your home. In fact, we can do the initial consultation via telephone or video. Then we’ll arrange delivery and installation.For temporary ramps, that don’t need installing, we can arrange a contact-free delivery. ensuring that there is no contact between the delivery driver and the client.
  • Bathrooms: Obviously, we do need to enter the home on this occasion. So, our assessors will wear PPE and use sanitiser before entry. The homeowner can stay in a different room while the assessment is being carried out.
  • Seating & Wheelchairs: For the specialist seating and wheelchair assessments, it isn’t always possible to maintain the 1-2 metre rule, but there are ways around that too! (See question 3)


3)     What additional safety precautions are you taking where social distancing isn’t possible?

Social distancing isn’t always possible during certain assessments, but here is how we deal with that:

  • In a home setting: The assessor will have sanitised their hands before entering your home. They will wear full PPE and maintain social distancing apart from when it is absolutely necessary e.g. to take measurements.
  • In the showroom: Our team will wear face masks throughout the duration of your assessment. It is easy for you to stay the required 1-2 metres apart in the showroom – there’s plenty of space to distance from other customers or staff. We have also placed hand sanitiser stations throughout. Plus, there’s a regular cleaning schedule to keep any contact surfaces sanitised!

In any setting, all the equipment being used or demonstrated has been fully sanitised before using.

We also have rapid lateral flow tests available in the office. Our assessors are tested regularly. So, you can rest assured that your assessor has received a negative COVID test result before visiting you!

If preferred, a carer can also take most measurements under the assessor’s supervision. This ensures there is as little contact as possible.


4)     What kind of assessments can you do?

We still offer our full range of assessments.  That covers:

  • Seating
  • Bathroom Equipment
  • Moving and Handling Equipment
  • Stairlifts
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Fall Prevention Devices
  • Ramps
  • Electric and Manual Wheelchairs

Again, we ensure that all the equipment is sanitised, before use/demonstrations!


5)     Are there any extra checks in place?

To protect you and our staff we do have a few extra checks to make…

  • We ask about the client’s health, as we aren’t able to visit anyone who is showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • If we are visiting a multi-user environment — such as a care home — there may be some additional risk assessments carried out if there has been confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Although we may need to ask a few more questions beforehand, we can still offer a quick turnaround from the initial enquiry to booking in your appointment.

Also if we don’t think an assessment is necessary, we will let you know!  This can be the case when it comes to care chairs.

Since launching our adjustable Lento care chair, we’ve found it can be resized to fit around 80% of the population. So, we’ve successfully supplied them across the country without any assessments.


Buying a chair without an assessment might sound rather daunting. However, our money back guarantee gives you peace of mind.

If you feel the Lento isn’t right for you after 7-days, we’ll collect it and give you a refund. Of course, we’ll help you find a new chair that fully meets your needs too.

Moving away from always needing assessments has allowed us to get care chairs delivered next day!

“My husband has advanced dementia and then suffered a stroke which left him with a left-sided weakness. He was no longer able to support himself in his armchair.

He spent 10 months in bed, so our daughter searched for a solution online and found the Lento Care Chair – it looked perfect for his needs. We phoned and made enquires – it sounded perfect for his needs. We ordered it and it arrived the very next day – and it is perfect for his needs.

The chair is well made, adjustable, comfortable, easy to manoeuvre, goes through all our doorways easily and is good to look at. We are thrilled as he now gets up in his chair every day. He’s comfortable, well supported and back in the hub of his family again, thank you so much.”

– Mrs Funnell, Yorkshire Care Equipment Customer



So, as you can see, there have been a few changes to how we approach client assessments! We follow the social distancing guidelines wherever possible and will wear full PPE if closer contact is required. Plus, we have introduced video assessments as another practical alternative to keep everyone as safe as possible.

One thing that hasn’t changed however is the Yorkshire Care Guarantee.  All our assessments come with three key promises: honest expertise, no-obligation to buy and 100% product satisfaction. We are pleased to continue providing the care equipment people need to live safely, comfortably, and more independently.

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Date Published

20 July 2020

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