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How much does a mobility scooter cost?

Mobility scooter costs vary depending on specification. If you’re looking to buy a new mobility scooter, then no doubt this is one of the main questions you have.

We wanted to give you a good overview of the mobility scooter prices you can expect to pay and why it differs.

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Mobility scooter price ranges

Your mobility scooter cost will differ depending on different specifications and features you choose to include.

Mobility scooter prices are just like car prices; if you’re wanting a little run-around then it will tend to be cheaper, but if you’re wanting a bigger better-equipped model, it will cost you more money.

One key thing that will help you work out your mobility scooter price will be looking at what sort of class scooter it is. Class two scooters will be remarkably cheaper than class three scooters, but you really need to weigh up what you want from your scooter before you choose between these options.

You can find out more about scooters and different classes in this blog post.

A class two scooter will cost anywhere from £600/700 to £2000. For a bigger class three scooter, you can expect to pay up to £5000 depending on the options you choose to include.

Lightweight mobility scooter prices

If you’re looking for a lightweight mobility scooter, then you can expect to pay anywhere between £700 to £2000 depending on the model and its features. With lightweight models typically being class two devices, they cost less.

For a lightweight run-around mobility scooter like the Liberty you’ll be paying around £800 for the standard model.

The Liberty Vogue mobility scooter in royal blue.

The Liberty scooter retails from about £800 and is a good run-around option.

Folding lightweight scooters cost a bit more money because of the extra materials and mechanisms used to make them foldable. For something like the Smarti folding scooter which can fold down at the touch of a button, the price is about £2500.

How much is a class three mobility scooter?

Class three are better-equipped and can be legally used on the road, so they cost a bit more money. It’s important to note that you cannot ride a class two scooter on the road.

Class three mobility scooters will cost around £2000 to £5000. This is because they have bigger batteries and can travel much quicker than other scooters.

They’re also kitted out with brake lights and other safety features that make them safe for road use. At the middle of the class three mobility scooter range, the Breeze S3 costs about £4600 for the basic model.

The Breeze S3 can go up to 8mph and can cover 20 miles in range, whereas lightweight mobility scooter like the Liberty do up to 4mph and travel 10 miles before running flat.


Mobility scooters cost anywhere between a few hundred pounds to a few thousand, but this difference is due to the size and specification of the scooter you want to buy. You should always consider what you want in a scooter before you buy one and seek advice from mobility specialists.

Please bear in mind that the prices shown in this article do not include VAT. You may be eligible for VAT relief if you have a long-term physical or mental illness.

If you are interested in hiring or buying one of our wide range of scooters, get in contact with one of the team. They will help you choose the best scooter for your needs.

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22 August 2019

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