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How to Create a Disabled-Friendly Bathroom

Bathrooms are often one of the most important rooms in a house. They provide people with the ability to feel clean and tidy, as well as giving them space to relax when they need it.

But for disabled people, bathrooms that are ill-equipped and don’t meet their needs can be a real source of stress. So creating a disabled-friendly bathroom is very important in allowing someone to make the most of their bathroom.

Here are our top items to help create a disabled-friendly bathroom!

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Baths & Showers

One of the biggest pieces of equipment in any bathroom is the shower or bath, so this is one of the main things you need to consider with accessible bathrooms. It is possible to have a discreet and relaxing bath or shower that is easily accessible for disabled people.


Level access showers are a great idea to create a disabled-friendly bathroom. These can be installed with ease and provide handicapped people with an easy way to keep clean with no hassle.

We would always recommend using a shower chair if needed, giving the individual the ability to remain seated and comfortable whilst washing.

Alternatively, a full wetroom or bathroom adaptation might be better to give the person exactly what they need. Get in touch with our team if you’d like to book a free bathroom assessment.

A disabled-friendly bathroom

Level access wetrooms or bathroom adaptations also deliver a disabled-friendly facility.


There are also specialist baths available to give better access to disabled users without compromising on comfort and relaxation. These baths are equipped with features like height-adjustability and enlarged internal dimensions to make it easier to hoist users in and out of them.

The Avero is a particularly popular bath for its reliability and its subtle design. This helps disabled users to maintain their independence and dignity without making their bathroom look particularly clinical or uninviting.

Specialist Toilets

People tend to find specialist toilets very interesting, and with good reason. These toilets are designed to make the entire experience of using the loo hands-free!

That means you don’t even have worry about using toilet paper — specialist toilets take care of every step.

These are designed to blend in seamlessly with any existing décor, whether it’s traditional or modern in style. Some models have also been specially reinforced to facilitate side transfers on to them if the user is being hoisted.

Wash/dry toilets make using the loo a hands-free experience

The V-Care is a particularly modern looking wash/dry toilet.

Height-Adjustable Washbasins

Sinks and basins have also been modified and crafted to suit the needs of disabled people more. These fixtures can now be installed on special tracking that allows them to be moved from side to side and up and down, providing the best position possible for the user.

The basins themselves have also been shaped differently to create an even more accessible bathroom. The front of the sink itself can be curved inwards to make it easier for people in wheelchairs to get closer to the running water.

They can also be fitted with built-in handles to make it easier to reposition them.

Grab Rails

One of the smallest items that can make a world of difference in an accessible bathroom is a simple grab rail. Grab rails can be installed into the wall to give disabled users to ability to support themselves when stood up and moving around.

Just like specialist toilets and washbasins, grab rails are available in different models, colours, and materials to suit any bathroom décor. These are a simple and easy step to take in creating a disabled-friendly bathroom.

Grab rails are one of the easiest things to install to create a disabled-friendly bathroom

Grab rails can provide peace of mind that there is something to hold on to if needed.


These are a few things to think of if you’re designing a disabled-friendly bathroom, but there are lots of other things like overhead hoists and changing benches that can be added in for extra support. For anyone who is looking at making their bathroom more accessible, then we highly recommend having a free bathroom survey with one of our team.

We’ll take a look at the space you have available and come up with the best solution possible to suit you or your loved one’s needs. Just give us a call to book a bathroom assessment now!

Date Published

27 June 2018

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An accessible bathroom with grab rails and a shower chair.

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