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The Best Mobility Equipment to Take on Cruise Ships

It’s holiday season, which means people are jetting off all over the globe to enjoy some well-deserved time for rest and relaxation. People are also setting sail on cruise ships, and we often get a lot of questions about mobility equipment for cruises.

So here are a few products that we often recommend to people looking for mobility equipment for cruises.

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Electric Wheelchairs for Cruises

If you’re looking for a powerchair to take on a cruise with you, then we highly recommend the Joy Rider.

The Joy Rider is great because of how small it folds up when it’s not needed. Of course, one of the main concerns on a cruise ship is space; cabins tend to be a lot smaller than a typical hotel room.

The Joy Rider can actually fold up to a very small size. In fact, it’s only 12” in depth when folded so it can easily slot under the bed in your cabin to keep it out of the way.

Another concern with electric wheelchairs on cruise ships is the amount of space they need to manoeuvre. You will rarely find a mobility scooter that can easily manoeuvre on a cruise ship without having to pull off some five-point turns!

The Joy Rider has a particularly small turning radius of just 74cm (29”). This gives you enough manoeuvrability to not have to worry about scraping the walls.

A Joy Rider powerchair and an A08 electric wheelchair

The Joy Rider and the A08 powerchairs are great pieces of mobility equipment for cruises because they both fold up to small sizes.

If you’re looking for something perhaps a bit more heavy duty, then the A08 electric wheelchair is also great for cruises. This is a slightly larger powerchair that gives you a bigger range and can be used by people up to 25 stone in weight.

The A08 can be folded up like the Joy Rider but is slightly larger. Nevertheless, it can still be stowed away in your cabin to save on space.

If you’re going on a cruise with some excursions, then the A08 might be a better choice because it has a larger range (up to 27 miles) and is fitted with 4 spring shock absorbers for the most comfortable drive.

Mobility Scooters to take on a Cruise

Scooters are less common pieces of mobility equipment for cruises, but they can be used for days out and excursions off the boat. For that, we’d recommend the Minimo Plus 4 scooter.

The Minimo folds down in just five seconds and creates a very compact package. It can be slotted under your bed to keep it out of the way and carried on and off the ship when travelling around.

The Minimo scooter is an ideal piece of mobility equipment for cruises

the Minimo Plus 4 scooter folds up to this compact size for easy storage and carrying.

Wheeled Walkers for Cruise Ships

Mobility equipment on cruises can often take up a lot of room, especially if you need to take more than one thing. People who need both a wheelchair and a walker often find themselves having to choose between the two.

The Rollz wheeled walker actually doubles up as a wheelchair, giving you the best of both worlds without taking up loads of space. It’s also got a very narrow body, meaning there are no worries about it being too big to manoeuvre.

Just twist the handles around and flip up the backrest to turn it into a wheelchair! The Rollz also collapses down to a smaller size for easy storage.

The purple Rollz wheeled walker in rollator position

The Rollz gives you the best of both worlds as it doubles up as a walker and wheelchair.

Shower and Commode Chairs for Cruises

If you’re needing a commode or shower chair for your cruise journey, then there are options. Similar to the rollator-wheelchair above, there’s an item that combines both of these things to save you space.

The WheelAble is a shower/commode chair that has been designed specifically for use when travelling. It’s particularly lightweight and can be wheeled around the bathroom easily.

The WheelAble is also a particularly unique device because it comes with a travel carry case. So once it’s folded down, it can fit perfectly into a compact case and transported easily.

It’s also easy to manoeuvre and fits over any standard toilet. It also complies with airline regulations — so it’s perfect for jetsetters as well.

Start Your Holiday Countdown

Overall, these are the three main areas of mobility equipment for cruises that we get asked about, and we strongly believe these products are the most efficient solutions available. If you’d like to see any of these items for yourself and have a trial of them, then give us a call!

For help with funding for your mobility equipment, take a look at how the Motability Scheme could help you.

If you are interested in hiring or buying from our wide range of care equipment, get in touch with one of the team. They can help you chose the best options for your needs.

Any questions on what you may need for your cruise, or whether you may need an assessment, again, ask away!

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Date Published

16 August 2018

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4 minutes

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