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What is the Cost of a Lento Care Chair?

The Lento Care Chair was introduced into the care sector as a universal solution for patients of all shapes, sizes and needs. It has a huge range of adjustability and can be adapted to suit all kinds of acute or community environments. This wide range of features causes a large fluctuation in the price range, which we will explain in this article. (N.B. All prices mentioned in this article are excluding VAT.)

Different Models of Lento Care Chair

Following the initial success of the Lento Care Chair, we took the same design and resized the chair for the paediatric market, which we dubbed the “Little Lento”. For anyone up to 5’ 2”, the Little Lento chair reaches an even wider section in the market.

The main specialism of a care chair is it is designed to support less mobile patients who require hoisting in and out of a chair. Such patients have higher postural and pressure relief needs, which tends to push up the price of the chair.


Factors that can Influence Pricing

As with the Lento Mobile riser recliner, there are a lot of factors that can influence the price of a Lento Care Chair.

Think of it a bit like booking a holiday, the base price that is advertised can look very attractive at first, but increases as you factor in extra accommodation, restaurants, spa treatments, events and so on.

The base price of a Lento Care chair is £3154 for the manual community version, which increases as the following features are factored in:

Electric Action

On the manual version the tilt-in-space and back angle operates from the backrest handles. This is fine if the patient has a carer on hand most of the time, but some clients may prefer electric action so they can adjust the chair themselves with the handset.

Electric action is available as 2 or 3-motor versions. The 2-motor provides tilt-in-space plus independent legrest adjustment for an additional £1000, and the 3-motor provides the aforementioned plus independent backrest adjustment for an additional £1300.

Infection Control Features

The key distinction between the acute and community versions of the Lento Care Chair is the infection control features. The standard community version has Velcro cushions, whereas the acute version uses magnets in place of Velcro to allow quick removal of cushions and strip the chair back to a flat base with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.

The magnetic version of the Lento Care Chair adds an additional £610.

Higher Pressure Relief

With longer periods of sedentary sitting, it is important to adjust the patient’s position and provide the best pressure-relieving material in the seat to give the patient as much comfort and relief as possible. A client that is hoisted will need a gel cushion in the seat as standard, for additional pressure relief you can opt for a hybrid cushion or even an alternating air cushion to distribute pressure as evenly as possible, increasing the cost by up to £650.

Illustration showing how alternating air cushions work to manage/treat pressure injuries/wounds.

Alternating Air Cushions are used for patients at the highest risk of pressure injuries,

Extra Postural Support

Extra positioning aids such as lateral support wedges or cocoon backrest are available for patients with a weaker core. See our range of supports and accessories here.


Seating accessories are very useful for people with specific neurological conditions. See our accessories ebook for condition-specific options and accessories. One cost advantage of the Lento Care Chair is that the modular parts can be replaced from stock if they become damaged.

On assessment and delivery we will measure and fit the chair to the correct dimensions for the patient, and show client and carers how the chair operates.


Price of a Lento Care Chair

The price of a Lento Care Chair can be built up in layers. Starting with a base price of £3154, and adding infection control spec, electric action, pressure relief, and extra postural support accessories increases the price to a maximum of £8000. This is theoretically the highest possible price, but would be a very unlikely scenario in practice as it includes all the options and accessories, which wouldn’t be needed when tailoring the chair to a client’s specific needs.


Price of a Little Lento Care Chair

Similar to the Lento Care Chair, the Little Lento starts at a base price of £3154, and adding the additional features listed above, increases to a maximum price of £7400.


The Lento Care Chair is a highly adaptable chair and as such comes with a wide range of price tags depending on the chosen specification.

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Date Published

31 May 2023

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4 minutes

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