Why Use a Mobility Scooter?

When staying on your feet and physical exertion becomes too much of a struggle, it’s time to hold your hands up and admit your body is slowing down. This isn’t giving up. It’s purely being aware and respectful of your body. You can still get out and about with the help of a mobility scooter. These vehicles are liberating and can provide you with a new lease of life. A mobility scooter will give you more energy to go about your day, as you won’t be forcing all your energy in trying to walk. The scooter provides you with the capability to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

Preserving Energy

Battery powered scooters were created 10 years ago and have been improving quality of lives ever since. The mobility scooter offers people who have trouble getting around on foot, the freedom to explore, giving them back their independence. A scooter will also preserve energy, as you won’t be wasting it on trying to walk or pushing a traditional wheelchair. Providing the user with the freedom that they may not have had previously, a mobility scooter is an ideal mode of transport.


By purchasing a Mobility Scooter, you are able to open many doors that may have previously been restricted or even impossible. With the ability to visit friends and family, popping to your local shop and even going on weekend walks with loved ones, your whole world can change in an instance. If you are unsure about the usability of a scooter or you want to test one out, pop into the Yorkshire Care Equipment showroom today.

Testing is key

Before buying you need to consider if a mobility scooter is right for you and which one is suited best to your needs. If you are looking to buy a scooter to replace a car, you need to think of comfort. If you are looking for a scooter for occasional use, a smaller one with plenty of legroom would be best. All of the scooters from Yorkshire Care Equipment come with a free bag for the back – This is ideal for putting your groceries in! You are able to try out multiple models at our showroom or we can organise a time that’s best for us, to bring them, to you. 

If you think that a friend, relative or even yourself could benefit from a mobility scooter, contact the Yorkshire Care Equipment team today. We like to spend time with our customers and clients to ensure that we find exactly the right product for you. A wide range of models which split down to put in the car through to large scooters for travelling distances are available, with options of new or reconditioned pieces. Ring one of our experts today on 01423 799960 or visit our website for more information.

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