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Your Guide to Buying a Stairlift

If getting up and down the stairs has become a struggle for you, then you may wish to install a stairlift. This is a much more practical and cost effective option than having to move into a bungalow. Having a stairlift fitted will transform your quality of life, allowing you to carry on living independently in your own home. If you often struggle moving up and down stairs regularly, a stairlift will be extremely useful to you.

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If somebody you know owns a stairlift, ask them about their experience using the device. Has it helped them? If so, how? Peer recommendations will prove very useful as you will be able to get a first hand account of the benefits of using a stairlift on a daily basis. Also, by asking a friend, you will receive an honest and unbiased opinion about it so you can then come to a fair conclusion.

Once you are sure that a stairlift is right for you, it is important to find the perfect stairlift to meet your needs and requirements.

Type of stairlift.

There are 2 types of stairlifts available; ones for straight staircases, and ones for curved staircases. Here at Vivid Care, we offer a number of variations on models for both types of staircases. This is because we understand the importance of having a wide range to meet the individual requirements of the person inquiring. Vivid Care provide each client with thorough advice on the best stairlift to suit their needs. We offer new, reconditioned, and hire options so that you can obtain the ideal stairlift for whatever your situation may be.

The process:

  1. Firstly, Vivid Care will offer you a no obligation site survey from our stairlift specialist who obtains over 30 years experience!
  2. Secondly, we will send you a detailed quotation. This will include what type of stairlift is available for you, and accurate quotes on costs and ranges.
  3. If you then wish to proceed, the stairlift will be manufactured to fit the precise measurements and detailed drawings of your staircase. If a stairlift is required immediately, Vivid Care have a fast track system which can speed up the process.
  4. Once the stairlift has been built to meet your requirements, we will book an appointment for our own engineers to come and install the stairlift in your home. Vivid Care engineers are extremely experienced and provide high quality workmanship.

Please note that we are always available to maintain, service and repair stairlifts even in many years to come. We make the commitment to you by supplying you with a stairlift, and that continues throughout your use of the product. Here at Vivid Care, we have a number of engineers who can respond quickly when needed, and are more than happy to help.

Call now.

Installing anything into your home takes a lot of consideration. You probably have plenty of questions about adding a stairlift to your staircase, and we are more than happy to provide you with the answers. Call one of our stairlift specialists today on 01423 799960.

Book a free site survey

Here at Vivid Care, we offer an on-site survey. This service is completely free, providing you with details and quotes so that you can reach your final decision with the facts in place. Simply call us to book in your free site survey today on 01423 799960.

Date Published

1 May 2015

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Graeme Wilson

Graeme has worked alongside the public sector for much of his working life, helping departments improve efficiencies and deliver on projects. In his role at Vivid.Care, Graeme used his experience to tackle some of the most challenging issues in the healthcare sector, from falls through to winter pressures. He was also a guest speaker and a number of different conferences, including at the Falls Prevention Summit in London.

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