Our Bed Range Just Got Better

Our partnership with Opera beds means we now have a comprehensive range of stylish, practical care beds, ready to despatch to any corner of the UK.

Why Opera?

When we discovered Opera beds what we saw was an opportunity to really treat our customers. Forget your frowsty divans or comfortless contraptions that look more like a piece of moon-landing apparatus.

These beds are modern and contemporary and give you that extra bit of assistance for when you need it. Think not so much a “care bed” but more a “bed that cares”.

The décor-friendly, unobtrusive styling has been created with the design-conscious customer in mind, and offers a wide range of wood and fabric finishes to match your home furnishings.

The Opera range gives you the full range of care and style options to choose from under one roof.


Hospitals are trying to free up bed spaces to create more capacity to deal with the ambulance and nurse strikes this winter. With the effort to discharge patients as soon as possible to free up space, patients face the risk of returning home without the right equipment in place for ongoing care. Opera beds can help solve this issue as they have all the care features needed for hospital outpatients to continue their recovery programme at home.

Virtual Wards

An initiative that has recently been introduced to reduce bed-blocking is virtual wards. Patients can be transferred to their own home or care environment without being discharged from hospital care.

Patients are given a care package with a wearable device that monitors their different levels, which is seen by the nurses in real time. An electronic tablet instructs the patient how to operate the device and connects them to the care team at the hospital through video link and assistance buttons. Nurses still routinely visit to administer tests and treatment.

This arrangement gives outpatients the best of all worlds, as they are in the comfort of their own home and free from the risk of hospital infections, whilst still receiving full monitoring and support from the hospital care team.

Opera beds are a perfect partner to these virtual care packages, providing a homely looking bed with the ability to raise, lower, profile and tilt the patient to accommodate their care needs and redistribute pressure. Higher risk foam, gel and alternating air mattresses are available for those with higher pressure needs.

Bed Features

The Opera range covers the full spectrum of care and pressure needs, see the product range here for more details.

Adjustability Options
• Elevating backrest
• Elevating legrest
• Height adjustment
• Independent profiling action
• Trendelenburg action

• Side rails
• Head and footboards
• Upholstery options

• Single/Double
• 3ft / 3ft 6 single
• 4ft double

• Comfort foam
• Coolgel
• Anti-slip covers
• High risk foam, gel and air
• Alternating air pump

Case Managers

Opera beds are ideal for case managers who need to augment their equipment range with beds that are practical yet suitable for a domestic setting.

The beds are stocked in the UK, ensuring quick lead time, and a turnkey delivery service that includes removing old unwanted beds or chairs.


Visit our showroom in Harrogate, or phone one of our sales advisors to find out more. You can download specifications from our website or browse the full range for all the options.

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