Q300 M Mini Powered Electric Wheelchair

The Q300 M Mini is our most popular electric wheelchair, it has an ultra narrow width of only 520mm which makes it perfect for travelling indoors in tight spaces but with its 4-pole motors, patented all-wheel suspension and powerful batteries it will keep up with your day to day outdoor demands too!



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Product Features

Unbelievably Narrow

The Q300 has been developed as the narrowest mid-wheel drive powerchair on the market, it measures just 52cm!

All Wheel Suspension

The patented all-wheel independent suspension on the Q300 ensures all six wheels remain on the ground whilst climbing obstacles. Any shocks or bumps are absorbed providing a soft and smooth ride which can be essential for clients with certain conditions.


The Q300 comes packed with standard features and can be customised with many options to suit your exact requirements. We are happy to offer an assessment of this product to determine what is required.

Large Batteries

Despite its compact size the Q300 can be fitted with either 41ah or 56ah batteries which can give you a range of up to 36 km!

Vertical Lift

The Q300 has the ability to have 300mm of vertical seat lift which can assist with standing and enable you to reach objects which would usually be out of reach for instance supermarket shelves, cupboards in your home and much more. What’s more is the chair can still be driven at this height which makes socialising eye-level

Tilt in Space

You can enjoy 30 degrees of tilt in space which is a fantastic option if you spend a lot of time in your chair, it provides a greater relaxation and enhanced pressure distribution.

Powered Elevating Legrests

The Q300 is available with powered legrests which enables you to raise and lower the leg rest directly from the joystick of your chair, helping you to reduce swelling and alternate your position throughout the day.

Powered Back Recline

The powered back recline option allows you to adjust the seat-to-back angle from the joystick of your chair helping you to relieve pressure, redistribute your weight and alternate your position throughout the day.


The Q300M Mini has 98 combined colour options which allows you to really make your chair stand out.

Crash Tested

The Q300 Mini has been crashed tested to the ISO standard 7176-19 which means it is certified to travel in wheelchair vehicles and taxis safely.

Furthermore the Q300 has been approved for use with both Dahl & Q-Straint systems which means it can be easily and safely docked in your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Lights & Indicators

The lights and indicators are a fantastic option to help provide additional safety when travelling at night.

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