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Raizer 2 is a lightweight and portable, patient lifting chair that is quick to disassemble and store in a convenient storage bag for on-the-go falls response.


Created for emergency responders, nursing & care homes, hospitals, home care providers, and community falls response teams, the Raizer 2 lifting chair is the ideal single handed care alternative to hoisting and traditional patient lifting equipment.


With only one person needed to operate thanks to its mechanised lifting motion that requires no hoisting, the Raizer 2 is a portable lift device that enables rapid response lift for elderly, low mobility, and disabled fallers.


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Product Description

Product Features

The Raizer 2 Emergency Lifting Chair is a unique falls recovery device that can be operated by a single carer, making it an ideal patient lifting solution for care homes, hospitals, emergency rescue services and other healthcare professionals. The original design allows for quick and stable lifting of a fallen individual in under a minute.

Its lifting capacity of 150kg means the Raizer 2 is an efficient mobile patient lifting device that provides a safe and comfortable transfer for a wide range elderly, low mobility and disabled users. Its lightweight and easy-to-disassemble structure makes it a popular portable patient lift and patient hoist option among healthcare professionals.

The Raizer Patient Lifting Chair is built for any healthcare setting.


The Raizer 2 Emergency Lifting Chair is the perfect lifting device for healthcare professionals, emergency services first responders, home care providers and other healthcare professionals who regularly provide falls assistance to elderly or low mobility users in their place of residence. The Raizer 2 can also help to reduce the workload of emergency services by freeing them up to respond to more serious health concerns.

The Raizer 2 lifting chair is also compatible with disposable hygiene covers for added hygiene and protection. With its advanced lifting mechanism, the Raizer 2 allows for safe and efficient patient lifting, reducing the risk of injury to both the patient and the caregiver.


Raizer Patient Lifting Chair is a lifting aid designed for home care.


With its smooth, remote-controlled mechanised lifting motion, Raizer 2 is designed to lift a fallen person up to 150kg in weight. Lightweight, portable and battery-powered, the Raizer 2 is a lifting device for the home created to be quickly assembled and operated by one person.


Featuring a total lifting capacity of 150kg (23.5 stone), the Raizer 2 lifting chair is the perfect choice for single-handed care. This lightweight and portable patient lifting chair is easy to disassemble for storage at home or transport wherever you need it with the carry bags.

The Raizer 2 patient lifting chair also comes with an easy-to-carry storage bag, making it convenient for use on-the-go.


The Raizer 2 Patient Lifting Chair enables effective single handed care


The Raizer 2 Patient Lifting Chair – the ideal solution for safe and comfortable patient lifting. This innovative lifting chair is designed to meet the needs of various healthcare settings, including care homes, aged care facilities, NHS hospitals, private homes, ambulance and emergency rescue services, community-based falls response teams, home telecare services, occupational therapists, and moving and handling healthcare professionals.


A lightweight and portable patient lifting aid for the home


The lightweight and portable design (the whole Raizer chair package weighs just 13kg) of this lifting chair along with accessories pack means this mobile lifting device can be easily transported and used in a variety of settings, from private homes to healthcare facilities.


Raizer Lifting Chair Warranty & Servicing


Buyers of the Raizer 2 patient lifting chair in the UK today and receive 2-year warranty provided the lifting aid is serviced after 1 year. Learn more about servicing the Raizer Patient Lift Chair here.

Watch the Raizer 2 Chair In Action:

How Does the Raizer 2 Chair Work?
  1. With the fallen person on their back – slide the seat unit under their thighs.
  2. Click the backrest & legs pieces into the seat unit.
  3. Use the remote control to gently lift the Raizer 2 chair & fallen person into a sitting position

During the chair lift process, you may want to support the user’s head using a cushion or pillow. A specially designed headrest is also available for Raizer 2.

You can stop the Raizer 2 chair lift process in a seated position or you can keep lifting the person right up to standing if desired.

Intuitive Design:
  • A sound will confirm correct assembly of each piece of the Raizer 2 chair
  • All leg pieces are the same and slot into the Raizer seat unit interchangeably, you don’t have to worry about finding the exact right piece.
How To Assemble The Raizer 2 Chair

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Quick, easy, and portable the Raizer 2 patient lifting chair has been used by:
  • Care homes & aged care facilities
  • NHS hospitals across the UK
  • Private homes
  • Ambulance & emergency rescue services
  • Community based falls response teams
  • Home telecare services
  • Occupational therapists
  • Moving & handling healthcare professionals
Built With Carers In Mind

The Raizer 2 patient lifting chair enables truly single-handed care of elderly, disabled & low mobility patients. The remote-controlled lift design of the Raizer 2 chair removes the strain & potential for injury from moving and handling for carers and the stable lift maintains dignity for the fallen person.

  • Disposable hygiene covers are also available for the Raizer 2
  • Lightweight and easy to disassemble for transport and storage.
  • The Raizer 2 lifting chair comes with an easy to carry storage bag.

The Raizer 2 is designed to allow the carer to always focus on the person.

How Much Does a Raizer 2 Patient Lifting Chair Cost?

The Raizer 2 Lifting Chair is £3671 with VAT relief or £4405.20 including VAT. This includes the Raizer chair itself, remote control, in-car charger, lap belt, carry bag & seat cover.

You may be eligible for VAT relief on your Raizer 2 chair purchase if you have an ongoing disability or you are a charity funding the purchase of this product for. (see eligibility criteria for VAT relief).

What Is The Maximum User Weight For The Raizer 2 Lifting Chair?

The total lifting capacity of the Raizer 2 patient lifting chair (Safe Working Load) is 150kg (23.5 stone)

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