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A Guide to Stairlifts

When it comes to stairlifts, it can all be a bit daunting. We know that stairs can become a real challenge in later life and our homes are precious places to us — we don’t want to be limited to only enjoying one area of our house because of some pesky stairs!

That being said, choosing the right stairlift — or simply deciding to install one at all — proves to be a challenge sometimes. So we’ve put together this guide to help you get an idea and choose a stairlift that best suits your needs.

We’re here to help with friendly advice in abundance, so don’t be afraid to contact us about any of your mobility needs!

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Now then, first thing’s first; do you actually need a stairlift?

We know — what an odd question to ask someone who has come on to this post because they’re looking for help with buying a stairlift! But the simple fact is that we’re not going to push a stairlift on you if it’s not necessary.

For instance, some people choose to live downstairs in their houses. If you’re wanting to alter your ground floor living space to accommodate your needs, then that’s absolutely fine.

We actually offer bathroom and wetroom adaptations if you’ll be needing facilities downstairs.

The next step is a no-obligation site survey.

This is a service we carry out at Vivid Care purely to assist and advise our customers when they are in need of some guidance with equipment. We don’t do it so we can come into your home and force our products on to you, we do it so that we can see exactly what it is you would be looking for.

Our very own stairlift specialist John has been surveying for stairlifts for over 30 years and knows them like the back of his hand!

So what stairlift do you need?

Stairlifts are often divided into two groups — straight, and curved. It depends on the shape of your staircase as to which stairlift you’ll need.

It’s rather self-explanatory as straight stairlifts are fitted to straight staircases, giving enough room for disembarking at both ends. These tend to be the cheaper option and are mounted to the treads of the staircase so there’s no worries about paintwork.

We offer a variety of models to suit the user from the Handicare Simplicity, which offers the basic functions of a stairlift, through to the more advanced Handicare 1000 for more complex requirements.

The Meditek stairlift

Curved stairlifts are fitted if there is at least one bend on the staircase and the rail is bespoke for each installation. Again, they are mounted to the treads of the staircase rather than the wall.

The rail will often be fitted to twist around bannisters and corners to allow you to disembark at a safer area with more space to manoeuvre away from the stairlift. Curved stairlifts also have the ability to move smoothly over landings and half-landings, making the ascent and descent a seamless journey.

As with the straight models we offer varying models from more than one manufacturer including the Flow 2 curved model, which can be programmed to face down the stairs on a very narrow staircase, for example, or the Handicare 2000 that offers the tightest internal bend on the market.

The Flow 2 stairlift fits nicely to curved staircases

What stairlifts are available?

Stairlifts are fairly flexible pieces of kit when it comes to customisation and such. The configuration itself can be altered to include things like folding or sliding rails which are great for staircases where there isn’t much parking room at the bottom of the stairs.

A powered swivel seat is a huge advantage for users who may struggle to swivel manually and can also be operated remotely. Every stairlift comes with 2 remotes, as well as the controls on the end of the armrest, which means that they can be used by the individual or a carer, if necessary.

The remotes also enable the stairlift to be called or sent where there may be more than one user. Certain models can even be fitted outdoors, ensuring that mobility and independence can be attained inside and outside the house!

Are they easy to maintain?

Because of the nature of their job, stairlifts are always built to deliver longevity to any home. However, we do understand that sometimes there can be mishaps or malfunctions that need ironing out.

Yorkshire Care Equipment offers complete servicing and maintenance support after we’ve installed a stairlift for as long as it takes! Our commitment to customer care is second to none and we take pride in knowing that we’re taking special care of you.

So if by any chance you do need some maintenance or servicing done, just give us a call on 01423 799960 to book an appointment with one of our helpful engineers!

Simplicity stairlifts are very easy-to-use

And Finally…

Our no-obligation site survey is just as it says on the tin. Our aim is to come into your house and assist you with your needs regarding stairlifts.

We have products available for you to try out in our Harrogate Showroom if you fancy having a go, but we won’t force you into anything. Although we have the vastest knowledge of care equipment in Yorkshire, and excellent customer service and aftercare to go with it, we know that our clients deserve the best assistance available.

Stairlifts are a commitment. They are something that is going to be installed permanently in your home to help with getting up and down stairs.

They’ll save you time in your day-to-day life, and make sure that your independence is at its highest level at all times. So even if you just need a helping hand or a little advice, call us on 01423 799960, or visit us at our Harrogate Showroom so we can discuss your options and help you choose.

Date Published

27 October 2016

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5 minutes

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Graeme Wilson

Graeme has worked alongside the public sector for much of his working life, helping departments improve efficiencies and deliver on projects. In his role at Vivid.Care, Graeme used his experience to tackle some of the most challenging issues in the healthcare sector, from falls through to winter pressures. He was also a guest speaker and a number of different conferences, including at the Falls Prevention Summit in London.


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