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How To Find The Perfect Electric Adjustable Divan Bed

At Vivid Care we understand that choosing the correct bed for you or the user is highly important, in doing so, all of our divan beds are hand built to exact specifications.

The electric adjustable divan beds are significantly more popular than the static, this is because the mattress platform contours to the user’s body shape. By doing so, the profiling mattress allows greater comfort, sitting up in bed and permits a change of position with ease. The key feature of our electric adjustable divan beds is that they are extremely versatile.

When choosing an electrical adjustable divan bed, there are plenty of points you need to consider.

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1.Electric Profiling Bed Movements

The electric profiling divan beds include a two-motor system with a soft touch hand control. The action provided is a four-section adjustable mattress platform with head end elevation and knee brake adjustment.

This is ideal for breathing aid and will provide a comfortable profiled lying position to prevent sliding. With a double or king-size bed, 2 separate electric actions can be offered, allowing each side to be personal to the user.

2. Bed Size

Single, 4-foot wide, double, king-size and super king-size divan beds are available. In fact, Vivid.Care can manufacture any size bed you require!

As mentioned above, the wider beds have the option of two separate mattress platforms, allowing the individual to personalise their own side.

Height plays an important part when manufacturing the bed, as it needs to be high enough to enable the user to get out of bed easily, but low enough to get into bed easily. Our trained advisors are able to assess and advise you on the exact height required.

3. Bed Style

From traditional to contemporary, our divan beds are able to fit in with any decor. There are 3 steps to choosing the style of your bed:

  • Design — When chosen from the upholstered ‘Classic’ range, the divan bed can be supplied on turned beech legs, castors or sleigh bed style.
  • There is a wide range of coverings available on both the Classic and Sleigh bed style, including fabric, leather and suede.
  • When choosing the Classic range, multiple headboard designs can be offered.
4.Which Profiling Mattress Is Best For You?

Memory Foam Profiling Mattresses – These profiling mattresses are made with a soft, natural foam which contours to the body but springs back into place as soon as pressure is released or moved to another area. With its matrix of small holes, air is circulated for a cooling effect.

Pressure Relieving Foam Mattresses – These profiling mattresses reduce the build-up of pressure in any one point of the body. Available in 3 densities including Medium, Firm and Extra Firm, these pressure relieving mattresses are a standard for users are low to medium risk of pressure injuries.

Memory – The foam is soft and moulds to the user’s body. It is often used on the top of a Reflex foam mattress as clients find that they sink into a full depth memory foam mattress too much, and this can make turning or getting in and out of the bed difficult.

Alternating Airflow Mattresses – Created for users at the highest risk of developing of exacerbating pressure injuries/sores. A combination of foam and air cells ensure pressure points are always changing, and pressure isn’t applied to one part of the body for a prolonged period of time.

Where deemed necessary, Vivid Care can offer custom-made mattresses using different foams and foam combinations. This will be cut in a different way and made to suit the individual.

5. Electric Adjustable Bed Accessories

As well as having a profiling mattress, options and accessories are also available to make life easier. These consist of under bed storage and bed rails to promote independence. These small aspects can make a large difference and can be the perfect finishing touch.

To begin the journey to a perfect night’s sleep, visit our showroom to view and try out our divan bed range. To arrange a no obligation site assessment contact one of our team on 01423 799960 or use our online form.

Date Published

10 December 2014

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3 minutes

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