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Our Strategic Office Move for Greater NHS Support

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with our valued community: in a bold move to enable greater support for the NHS and become more sustainable, we are relocating our offices from Linkside House in Harrogate to join our CoreCare Group sister companies at Rofta House, Thorp Arch, Wetherby.  Our current retail showroom in Harrogate will be moved to a state-of-the-art new appointment showroom at in Wetherby, with our products also continuing to be available online.  This decision isn’t just about changing our physical location though — it signifies our unwavering commitment to meeting evolving healthcare needs and, more significantly, strengthening support for our incredible National Health Service.

As a CoreCare Group company, our NHS and care sector partners have long been able to benefit from our access to a wide range of skills and expertise from across the group.  This was proved throughout the Covid pandemic, during which our collaboration with sister company Innova Care Concepts played a crucial role in supporting the NHS in establishing Nightingale Hospitals in Harrogate and in Manchester.  This new move to a group Head Quarters will foster much greater collaboration, and put us in a much stronger position to help the NHS solve some of its greatest challenges currently.

From the beginning of 2024, the new CoreCare Group HQ in Wetherby will host:

    • Vivid Care, providing specialist seating and care bed solutions, moving & handling devices, and mobility equipment,
    • Innova Care Concepts, specialising in hoisting and installed healthcare projects,
    • Dependall Logistics, who are third party healthcare logistics providers,
    • Aquadapt Home Adaptations, running home care adaptation projects (such as bathroom and ramp system installations).

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How are we going to be supporting the NHS?

 As with anything worth fighting for, the NHS has some complex challenges to overcome. Hospital beds are full, staff are struggling, ambulance services are over-stretched, and waiting times are rising.  Our Vivid.Care specialists are already out there every day, supporting the NHS in both the community and in hospitals up and down the UK.  And our Research & Development teams are challenging the status quo, designing innovative care equipment to create proven outcomes, and sharing our knowledge and findings with our NHS colleagues.  However, by working more closely with Innova Care Concepts and Dependall Logistics, we are better placed to collectively address critical NHS challenges.

These are the top five ways in which we will be supporting the NHS:

NHS Challenge:


CoreCare Group’s Response:


Full Hospital Beds Vivid Care will work with its sister companies to support in the building of new modern hospitals and community care facilities, complete with cutting edge specialist seating, care beds, and equipment to enable faster recovery and prevent patient deconditioning.  We will also be providing better equipment at home, to reduce as many avoidable hospital admissions as possible.  We are also helping hospitals to speed up discharge in the following ways:


  • Providing specialist care chairs and equipment that help patients get out of bed, be mobilised, and have as much independence as possible.
  • Speeding up physiotherapy with our StairTrainer product,
  • Providing immediate delivery of adjustable chairs and equipment to homes and care homes, so discharge isn’t delayed by equipment delays or the need to wait for bespoke equipment to be manufactured.


Overwhelmed Emergency Services Together, we are well placed to provide specialist seating and care beds to new Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs) in the community, therefore reducing pressure on A&E at the hospitals.  Additionally, we can provide equipment, training, and resources to facilitate single-handed falls response, significantly reducing ambulance callout numbers and enabling quicker patient lifting.


Huge Waiting Lists & Times We can help the NHS to focus on catching up with the treatment of high priority patients, by reducing all other avoidable admissions.  This will be done by better equipping community care organisations and private residences to encourage and facilitate out-of-hospital-care.  We are also contributing to the development of brand-new cutting-edge hospital wards, cancer units, radiology departments, and much more.


Country-wide Staff Shortages CoreCare Group will be combining our collective 70+ years of experience, to continue relieving workforce pressures through education and training.  We will be hosting regular CPD’s, educational webinars, and then also developing a new online training portal complete with videos, courses, and reading content.  On top of this, our equipment and installations are designed to increase efficiencies, enable single-handed care, and provide more functionality to reduce the pressures of staff shortages.


Outdated Equipment Technology is a key driver in the transition to a more streamlined and efficient NHS. We are continuing to research and employ new technologies to advance patient care and have some very exciting new product launches coming up.  These will create better patient outcomes, at the same time as simplifying the care-giving process for healthcare professionals.


Read more about how we are “Helping the NHS” on our website:

Supporting the Greener NHS Programme:

 We recognise that efforts to reduce carbon emissions for a more sustainable world, will only work if the individual contributors — companies like ourselves — take up their responsibility and make changes for the ‘greater good’.  The NHS have outlined their goal to become the world’s first Net Zero national health service, as part of the Greener NHS programme.

As a supplier to the NHS, we want to help them achieve their goal of Net Zero by 2045, by reducing the carbon footprint of our products and downstream transport.

Our move to Wetherby aligns seamlessly with the NHS’s sustainability goals. By consolidating our resources and operations into a single, efficient workspace, we’re actively contributing to a greener NHS. This initiative is a part of our collective commitment within the CoreCare Group to reduce carbon emissions and operate more sustainably.

Read more about how we are supporting the “Greener NHS” Programme.

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Future-Ready Headquarters in Wetherby:

To prepare for success and growth in the years to come, we are currently in the process of fitting out the new CoreCare Group headquarters in Wetherby.  The modern offices are being crafted to embrace flexibility, with versatile working spaces and collaborative zones that prioritize innovation and teamwork. Breakout areas will provide our teams with rejuvenating spaces, while a carefully curated theme will infuse a sense of calm, creating an environment conducive to productivity and creativity. This redesigned HQ will serve as a nucleus for collective innovation, fostering a cohesive work environment that enables us to function seamlessly as one team.

 To Our Valued Retail Customers:

 We are committed to continue serving you with high quality care products, exceptional service, and all the other resources you have traditionally come to us for.  Our offering now includes:

 Exciting times lie ahead as we embark on this journey to join our CoreCare Group sister companies at Rofta House, Thorp Arch Wetherby, and we are committed to delivering top-notch care solutions and supporting the NHS in overcoming challenges for many years to come.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Date Published

11 December 2023

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Ralph Hulbert

Ralph has many years' experience in the healthcare sector. In a previous life he worked in finance, and his spreadsheet skills come in handy for all the analysis and research he does as he investigates topics and solutions for some of the world's most complex healthcare conditions and challenges. Aside from writing in-depth articles and organising webinars and interviews with top healthcare professionals, Ralph also administrates Vivid's "Healthcare Pioneers Board", a large group of healthcare specialists with multiple disciplines, who are working together to improve care for years to come.

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