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Please welcome the ProSpec hospital chair!

Following the successful launch of our very own Lento care chair, we are very happy to announce that we’re launching a new hospital chair. Say hello to the ProSpec Hospital Recliner Chair!

We’ve spent the past few years designing and developing the ProSpec to be the most reliable, easy-to-use hospital chair on the market. We wanted to create a seating solution that would help make it easier to deliver the best care possible at any moment.

We worked alongside Aintree University Hospital and the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle to really home in on areas of hospital chairs that can be quite troublesome to patients and healthcare professionals alike. The ProSpec has been designed and manufactured to minimise the chances of cross-infection between hospital patients.

Padraig Finn, our band six physiotherapist, said:

“The ProSpec hospital recliner chair is probably one of the only chairs in the UK to have been designed for both hospital staff and patients.

“We knew that infection control was a big issue, which is why we worked with teams in two NHS hospitals to make sure that every surface of the chair was optimised to stay clean between different users. We’ve also managed to reduce manual handling for staff, whilst improving patient comfort, posture, and pressure care.”

The ProSpec Recliner Chair is based on an older hospital chair called the Flo-Tech that was used in NHS hospitals all over the country before it was discontinued some years ago. The ProSpec goes one step further and includes built-in electrically adjustable seat height and depth so you can customise the setup of the chair between patients.

We also know that a lot of people in hospital will struggle to get up and down from their chair, so we’ve included a vertical rise and forward tilt action to help facilitate this transfer. The ProSpec also has a specially shaped cushion and various other positioning options that should help reduce the chances of pressure injuries occurring.

Our managing director, Tristan Hulbert, said:

“With hospitals caring for some of the most vulnerable people every hour of every day, we needed to make sure that the ProSpec Recliner Chair could withstand such a demanding environment. We trialled the chair in different hospitals during our product development to see where it needed improving.

“Our team is very pleased with the product we’ve created, and we look forward to the ProSpec being used in hospitals all over the country.”

The ProSpec Hospital Recliner Chair is available to trial now. Contact us today to arrange a session.

    Date Published

    30 July 2019

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    2 minutes

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    Graeme Wilson

    Graeme has worked alongside the public sector for much of his working life, helping departments improve efficiencies and deliver on projects. In his role at Vivid.Care, Graeme used his experience to tackle some of the most challenging issues in the healthcare sector, from falls through to winter pressures. He was also a guest speaker and a number of different conferences, including at the Falls Prevention Summit in London.

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