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Comparing Raizer 2 vs Raizer M Lifting Chairs – Cost & Features

Helping uninjured fallers who need to be lifted up from the floor is increasingly becoming a job for social care professionals and emergency services.

A growing ageing population and slow ambulance response times mean a Raizer lifting chair can be a helpful device to at home.

The Raizer lifting chairs safely and quickly lift a non-injured person from the floor to avoid a long lie after a fall.

The Raizer lifting chairs are an alternative to traditional methods such as mobile and standing patient hoists as well as inflatable lifting cushions which can be unreliable and unstable for patients.

The Raizer lift chairs also only need one person to operate! 

Patient Hoist Alternative

But how do they work? What is the difference between them? And, do these differences impact price. This blog post will answer all those questions.

What is the difference between the Raizer 2 and the Raizer M?

The Raizer M is a non-electric and more cost friendly version of the Raizer 2 lifting chair. It is operated by a turn handle that is inserted into the seat unit and turned to lift a fallen person.

The Raizer 2, however is fully electric and can be controlled by a remote, this chair lift raises a user with a battery powered lift and performs up to 80 lifts per charge.

Both lifting chairs work in slightly different ways. This is because the Raizer 2 and the Raizer M lifting chairs are both ideally suited to different situations.

  • The electric Raizer 2 lifting chair is ideal for anyone who expects to be performing multiple chair lifts and regularly.
  • The manual Raizer M Lifting chair is designed to assist home-based falls occasionally.

How Much Weight Can a Raizer Lift Chair Lift?

Both versions of the Raizer lifting chairs can lift a fallen person up to a weight capacity of 150kg (23.6 stone or 330lbs).

Woman being picked up from the floor with the Raizer 2 emergency lifting chair. The falls assistant is another woman and they are both indoors.

The electric Raizer 2 can be controlled via remote which allows an attendants hands to be free for support.

Why Choose the Raizer 2 Lifting Chair Over a Raizer M?

The main difference between the Raizer 2 and the Raizer M is in their electric vs manual operation.

The tech enabled Raizer 2 lifting chair is designed for regular lifting un-injured fallers with an handy remote control. The manual Raizer M is designed for less frequent falls assistance.

The Raizer 2 is ideal for anyone looking to perform regular chair lifts, this can include but is not limited to:

  • Ambulance and emergency services
  • Hospital inpatient wards
  • Community falls response teams
  • Elderly homecare facilities
  • Urgent emergency care teams
  • Community centres

The tech enabled Raizer 2 costs slightly more than the manual Raizer M because of the electrical components used.

Which Raizer Lifting Chair is Right for Me?

This depends on how often you expect to use the lifting chair.

When we get private buyers, they usually want the manual Raizer M…this is because people expect do less lift fallen people less often when at home.

The Raizer 2 is usally purchased buy falls response teams and healthcare providers who regularly pick up someone who has fallen to the ground.

Reduce Long Lie Times

  • The Raizer M is the recommended choice if you only expect to use the Raizer every now and then, following an accident.
  • If you expect regular use assisting people from the floor – the electric Raizer 2 Lifting Chair is right for you.

To speak to our experienced advisors for more information or to arrange a demonstration of the lifting chairs – contact us.

Date Published

24 August 2023

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2 minutes

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Table showing the differences between the Raizer 2 and the Raizer M lifting chairs. The background is white.

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